My Other Sites

Writing online since 1996. I am opinionated and idealistic. I do things my own way.

I’m a Canadian (Barrie, Ontario) writer, artist, amateur historian, and futurist. I like speculating about the future and looking at art and writing from others who have done the same throughout history.

Other sites (not all active):

ASCII Artist Ontario Exploration Save the Diary
Pet Free Unexplained Ontario Ontario Futurist
Merry UnBirthday Ontario Haunts
Online Road Trip Canadian Horror Laura

I’m an impulse shopper for web domain ideas. I get an idea and see if I can find a domain before I’ve really planned what I want to do with it. I’ve discovered I can get almost the same satisfaction by starting sites no one reads on Blogger instead. Thriftier impulse domain shopping and less pressure to build something with them that way.