Be a Better Blog Commenter

Say something relevant to the post itself. Come up with a comment more interesting than “I agree” or “Me too”. It’s not that tough to stretch out a thought beyond two words. Why do you agree with the post? What was your own experience? Most blog comments are on the short side. Find a bit more to say and make yours longer to stand out. A longer comment also gives the feeling you are interested in the post and the blogger and able to string together ideas yourself. Others are more likely to click on the link to your blog if you seem to be someone who can write and write well.

A blog post looking for advice or answers is a great time to get noticed. If you know of a resource, have an opinion, or experience that would help leave that in comments. Give a link to the resource if it is online, even if it is your own site. However, if it is your own site make that clear. That way the blog owner and readers will know you aren’t just spamming your URL, it’s posted for a valid reason.

On the other side of giving information, ask a question yourself. What would you like to know more about? What detail or information might have been left out of the post? Think of a real question, not fluff just to leave a comment.

Be supportive and uplifting and sincere. Everyone is glad to have a comment that spreads good cheer and brightens their day. You can’t smile at others through your comment but you can send a smile in text. If you can’t be uplifting don’t be a wet blanket and do not be obnoxious. That should not even need to be said.

Write with personality, passion and humour. Don’t leave a bland comment that could have been written by half a million other bloggers. Come up with something uniquely you. Maybe a different turn of phrase. How about a funny anecdote. Maybe part of a quote relevant to the post if you really just don’t have a personality of your own. (But I know you do!)

Don’t post a comment at all if you really have nothing to say or if you are posting just to create controversy. A flame war may get you traffic and it will get you noticed but is that really how you want to be known? Besides, that kind of attention is short lived. No one really wants to watch a flame war except the two people in the middle who can’t seem to let go.

Last of all, proofread your comments before you click to post them. Spelling errors are one thing but typos just look klutzy. You can try to avoid them or just not bother and give the impression that you don’t care. Also, don’t leave a comment that is a solid block of text. It is easier to read a long comment if it is broken up into individual thoughts/ ideas.

Happy commenting. Let me know if you have other great commenting ideas.

Meanwhile consider using CoComment. Your comments from other blogs are posted to your own blog in a widget. Nice way to show that you actually do make comments and give links to the blogs you read.

It is never too late for the 31 Day Comment Challenge which utilizes CoComment too. Started in 2008 but all the activities for each of the 31 days are up on the site so you can step in any time and challenge yourself.

The Secret is in the Sauce –  “…a group of women bloggers dedicated to supporting one another by leaving comments. Lots and lots of comments”.

You can join up IComLeavWe every month.

Also found The Weekend Comment Challenge on Sited and Blogged. Not sure when it starts or ends but I like the idea.

Mom Blog Comment Club is looking for more members.

3 thoughts on “Be a Better Blog Commenter

  1. I would add something: Do not overthink your comment. I tend to write from the heart about the portion of the blog post that most strikes a chord with me – sometimes to the point of nearly writing an entire post in response to the post! Occasionally I find I must edit myself, or I runneth off at the mouth. What I detest most, I think, is a bland comment… the kind that really says no more than “Have fun!” about perhaps one line in your entry and completely ignores the other topics. In the end, though, I appreciate every and all comment I get.

  2. Lots of people comment saying hi it’s nice but not nice enough it’s seen as Spam.I have had people comment on my blog but, I deleted them for the simple fact they did not stick with the post and said there were a friend.A friend would at least Read your post First.As terry was Saying but those Hi and Hello one’s get a Reply from me a sarcastic one.

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