Be a Goal Digger

Goal digger – There’s something I wish I had thought of myself. I found it on an old blog post, on another site.

How can you be a better goal digger?

We make goals for ourselves and then we either meet them successfully or we don’t. Improve your success rate by actually digging in. Put work, hard work, into getting your goals but – make sure the goal is going to work for you. I don’t mean you should pick something easy or simple and give yourself loads of time. If the goal is too easy you won’t feel you really accomplished something to be happy and proud for yourself.

Are you putting in as much effort as if you were digging for gold, or a gold digger?


1 thought on “Be a Goal Digger

  1. Haha! I love this! I want to use it in my class. I’ll play the song along with the image of goal digging. I coach volleyball and I always say the most important practice of the year is our goal setting practice. Great reminder!



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