Blogging Power Partner

On InkRebels I read a post “The Bloggers Guide to Having Fun While Writing”.

One of the points was to have a blogging power partner:

Having a writing buddy always makes the blogging process more fun! Do you have a friend that also updates her blog regularly? Could you imagine the two of you encouraging each other? You make a pact that the blogging conversation will be positive. It is so much fun to motivate and help each other stay on track with your blogging goals.

I agree. Even if you are not in contact every day it is a good idea to have someone who knows what you are doing, your general plan and the direction/ goals you want to get to. I have Deanna. I’ve known her since we both wrote at I’ve told her more of my secret shames, fears and goals than I would ever tell anyone else. So, in that way, I am accountable to someone outside of myself. She doesn’t make me feel bad when I’m not living up to my own standards for myself. But she does make me try harder to keep on track, without her having do to a thing…. I just know she’s out there!

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