The Rhythm of Language

Style is a very simple matter: it is all rhythm. Once you get that, you can’t use the wrong words. But on the other hand here am I sitting after half the morning, crammed with ideas, and visions, and so on, and can’t dislodge them, for lack of the right rhythm. Now this is very profound, what rhythm is, and goes far deeper than words. A sight, an emotion, creates this wave in the mind, long before it makes words to fit it; and in writing (such is my present belief) one has to recapture this, and set this working (which has nothing apparently to do with words) and then, as it breaks and tumbles in the mind, it makes words to fit it.

Virginia Woolf

Source: John Baker’s Blog — The Rhythm of Language

Bill Murray – His Personal Philosophy

I think the only reason I’ve had the career life that I’ve had is that someone told me some secrets early on about living. You can do the very best you can when you’re very, very relaxed, no matter what it is or what your job is, the more relaxed you are the better you are. That’s sort of why I got into acting. I realized the more fun I had, the better I did it. And I thought, that’s a job I could be proud of. It’s changed my life learning that, and it’s made me better at what I do.

via Bill Murray On His Personal Philosophy.

Weblogs are Always Evolving

“Definitions are boundaries, and boundaries are anathema to Webloggers. Moreover, the best Weblogs are always shifting and evolving, always on their way to being something else.”  – Julia Keller of the Chicago Tribune

Found this quote on a very old webring page which I found on a very old blog of mine through the WayBack Machine.

Quotes for Creative People

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up – Picasso

You have to love your work or you become alienated from your life – Brad Roberts, Crash Test Dummies

I came across these two quotes this week. I kept them on my desktop and nearly deleted the file without saving it tonight. But, here they are safe and posted to the site!