My Secret Shopping Fetish

Why does a 40 year old woman play at Neopets? Well, you see… it’s a shopping fetish. I can spend neopoints (dollar value of zero) on as much junk as I can stand. How can you pass that up? In reality I am squeezing pennies so hard the poor things squeak. But, on the Neopian side of things I am a shopping diva, a window shopper without the pesky windows in my way.

It is my secret little side trip when I should be writing. I’ve actually been late for work (once) cause I was shopping on NeoPets instead of scraping snow off the car.

Want to visit? Sure you do. I’m not the only old woman there. I may not even be the oldest, though I suspect it’s close. lol

Don’t let me stop you from joining, get a pet of your own, a neohome become addicted and join a Guild. Become a neoshopoholic. It’s fun.

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The Site Fights

There are a lot of online communities. Most work with the standard message boards and include optional newsletters, chat and so on. There are few which offer something really unique as an experience you could not get at another community site. I would say NeoPets is one and another is The Site Fights. Both should be experienced rather than judged out of hand. I’ve been having fun with Neopets this past week. But, I knew The Site Fights long before NeoPets was online. It’s a community based on driving web traffic and encouraging webmastery: making graphics, learning HTML and other basics of having your own personal site. Don’t look at it and think it’s not “professional”. No, it’s not professional, that’s the point. It’s fun, time consuming and definitely something you will learn something from, somewhere along the way.