My Secret Shopping Fetish

Why does a 40 year old woman play at Neopets? Well, you see… it’s a shopping fetish. I can spend neopoints (dollar value of zero) on as much junk as I can stand. How can you pass that up? In reality I am squeezing pennies so hard the poor things squeak. But, on the Neopian side of things I am a shopping diva, a window shopper without the pesky windows in my way.

It is my secret little side trip when I should be writing. I’ve actually been late for work (once) cause I was shopping on NeoPets instead of scraping snow off the car.

Want to visit? Sure you do. I’m not the only old woman there. I may not even be the oldest, though I suspect it’s close. lol

Don’t let me stop you from joining, get a pet of your own, a neohome become addicted and join a Guild. Become a neoshopoholic. It’s fun.

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