Cityscape, Skyline Metropolis?

The suffix of one word can lead to so many other interesting words. In looking into the theme for Doodle Week on U3 this Friday I knew I wanted to draw some kind of city skyline, a cityscape. That led to looking up other kinds of words with ‘scape’ as a suffix. That led me to think of words like metropolis, necropolis and cosmopolis, which I had heard of before. I started to look them up, wondering if they all meant the same thing more or less. They do and yet they don’t. The differences were what made each one unusual.

Metropolis: A city or an urban area regarded as the center of a specific region or activity.
Astropolis: Star-scaled city/industry area; complex space station.
Cosmopolis: A large urban centre with a population of many different cultural backgrounds.
Ecumenopolis: A city that covers an entire planet, usually seen in science fiction.
Megalopolis: Built by merging several cities and their suburbs.
Necropolis: ‘City of the dead’. A graveyard.
Technopolis: City with high-tech industry; room full of computers; the Internet.

    Cityscape: A view of a city, esp. a large urban center.
    Townscape: A scene or view, either pictorial or natural, of a town or city.
    Landscape: A section or expanse of rural scenery, usually extensive, that can be seen from a single viewpoint.
    Seascape: A panoramic view of the sea.

      Skyline: The outline of something, as the buildings of a city, against the sky.

      The drawing of the cityscape/ skyline is for Doodle Week. This week the theme is cityscapes.

      The Decadent Red Bedroom

      House Home Garden has made three posts showing photos of a bedroom, kitchen and a lounge decorated almost completely in red. I picked the bedroom as my favourite. It just looks so… decadent. How would you decorate your favourite room in your favourite colour? Write at least a paragraph to describe it.

      Would you be bold or brave enough to actually do it?

      I’m not so sure myself. It might be great for awhile but… if you got sick of it you’d be stuck with it for awhile before you could re-do it all. Still, it would be really stylish while it lasted.

      Bookmark Collectors Virtual Convention

      Do you have a bookmark collection? Do you use bookmarks at all or do you just turn down a corner of the page you are reading and close the book on it (the dog-earred method)? I like having a bookmark. I do buy one now and then. But, being shoved into my purse, moved from backpack to purse and then forgotten on the nightstand awhile, a bookmark tends to take some abuse and get lost. Most of the time I use the folded corner to mark the page I’m reading. But, I really like the idea of having a bookmark collection. Now, I just need to find whatever stragglers are left.

      Bookmark Collectors Virtual Convention: Bookmarks have been in existence for as long as there have been books, and for the bookmark collector their meaning goes beyond their mundane purpose of marking a position within a book. Made out of materials that vary from paper to precious gems, they are pieces of art, souvenirs, craft samplers, time capsules, and cultural flotsam. Although their prices vary from free to thousands of dollars, collectors ascribe value based on personal meaning, judgment of beauty, and fit within a series.

      The convention is planned for February 20 – 21st at 8:AM, PST.

      Coffee Shop Confessional

      I’m so used to typing rather than writing by hand it’s confusing my brain. I’m second guessing all my spelling cause it feels so unusual to be writing out each letter in the word. In my mind I see them coming out in type, fully spelled and sorted. The long hand way makes them all look less sure of themselves.

      The drawing above is my latest Coffee Shop Confessional. I bended the rules. Instead of drawing on a napkin I used my notebook and I didn’t draw more than the one first thing that came to my mind. I also flubbed the name when I wrote it down at the coffee shop last night.

      101 + Links for Doodling and Drawing by Hand

      Lots of links, not in any real order due to a small mishap with cut and paste somewhere along the way. Most of these are for beginners who draw on pen and paper, but not all. I think everyone will find something to stir their imagination and (I hope) pick up a pen to doodle. Join in for Doodle Week this weekend.

      Fail Blog

      My nephew, Zack, introduced me to Fail Blog. A friend gave him the book for his birthday. I noticed it on his desk and he told me about it, even let me take it home to read it this week. (I do have to make sure the post-it notes from his friend stay on the book though, that was an important point).

      Fail Blog is about people noticing their surroundings, signs that conflict each other (like a sign on a bus saying to use hammer to break glass in an emergency and a complementary sign saying to break the glass to use the hammer), mistakes in spelling that change the meaning of a sign, construction that doesn’t make sense (like a driveway to the garage that doesn’t connect to the gate coming from the road), failed products (like cookies saying they have double the chocolate chips but in the bag you find a cookie that has only one single chocolate chip), sarcasm (like the guy who taped his stereo remote to a handmade sign left for whoever stole the rest of the stereo set). I’m sure you get the idea now. Not the Darwin Awards, more like the sarcastic, the ironic and the confused (a lot like the Darwin Awards but with more photos versus news reports).

      You’ve seen something, some where, some time that would fit into Fail Blog. Maybe you kept it to yourself. Maybe you just told a friend or two. But, did you take a photo? Why not share your photo on the blog?

      Remember Why you Love to Write

      “Cartoonists are sensitive to the insanities of the world. We try to humanize them. If Maxine can get a laugh out of someone who feels lonely or someone who is getting older and hates the thought of another birthday … or if she can make someone chuckle about a stressful relationship, I’m happy. Putting a smile on people’s faces is what it’s all about.”  John Wagner, creator of the Maxine comic for Hallmark Cards.

      Maxine even has a blog of her own now.

      I like the quote about cartoonists because it can apply to anyone writing, drawing, sculpting, etc. As much as we write for ourselves it is good to think about who is reading what we write. How it will be perceived and what kind of reaction it gets.

      Think of your writing goal, are you writing horror, comedy? Then plan your writing that direction. Seems overly simple but worth keeping in mind on days when you feel you are getting lost in the details or just need to get yourself back into loving your story again.

      Use Every Colour, Make Mistakes

      From Ben Spark’s post: Use Every Color in Your Box of Crayons (treat yourself, read the whole post):

      I think that we are so afraid to make mistakes. We don’t take chances with those additional colors in the box of crayons. If I took bloggers, for example, I’d say that the people who are making the biggest differences are those who have a box full of broken and peeled crayons. The box is ripped and there are marks of every color all over it. These are people who take big risks and in return make big mistakes but also make some incredibly big wins.

      I think it is important to keep trying new things in the layout, content, style and even the niche of your blog. Don’t be afraid to try new topics, a new slant on an old one and don’t think you can only write about each topic one time. If you are inspired by something you see translate it into your own work, whether it is a blog graphic or an idea for a new post, or something completely different, try it your way.

      People who get blog burn out are those who try to appeal to readers so much they lose themselves. The blog becomes a chore to please others and there is nothing left there that you (the producer/ creator) really want. It is empty of life. You may have traffic and ads that are making some money but the passion, the creative flair and the life are sucked dry.

      Try some weird colours from your crayon box. Use them for mad science experiments and wild, grand adventures. It’s your blog! Remember.