Pictures for Word Spinners

A writer can be more than the words they spin.

Ever thought of drawing something to go with your writing? Or taking a photograph to go with your article? Or even backwards, creating words to go with your drawings, like a comic? Scanning pictures, drawings or photographs into your journal or blog?

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. As much as we love them, words are typography on paper but pictures bring a new element into your words, light and shadow and instant gratification. One look and half or all of the story can be told. The words become more information, details, the rest of the story.

Publishers looking for photographs or drawings will pay for them. They could be paying you.

Writers Getting Outside the Box

Every writer should have at least one other art form. We need to work with something outside of our comfort zone with words. Not only is this a great way to deal with writing stress, blocks or rejection but you make your brain work in different ways, bringing out fresh vision and inventiveness.

I like ASCII art (typed pictures) and sewing (quilting and embroidery). I’ve begun teaching myself to draw. Just simple cartoon type drawing, nothing fancy, professional or very complex, just another outlet for my creativity. I’m finally trying to draw some of those pictures in my head.

Think about the things you enjoy doing. You may have a few creative hobbies or interests which you haven’t considered as art forms. Don’t discount something just cause it doesn’t suit the arty types. Maybe you create with plants, gardening. Maybe you enjoy home repairs and other do-it-yourself work around the home. Inventions and inventiveness are all apart of being creative. Maybe you like home decorating, photography, recycling thrift store finds, collecting some odd thing or other, it’s all art.

Take stock of your creative outlets, you may find a few you didn’t even know you have.