Bugmenot.com – login with these free web passwords to bypass compulsory registration


I like that someone is protesting all this. I hate registering for sites. It’s a pain to login each time and I think most of them are just using it as an excuse to harvest email addresses (and all the other information they can get out of you). I seldom join sites any more, just cause I really hate registering for anything now. What’s the point when I just want to make one post to a forum and will likely never remember to come back again.

Creative Website Marketing: Site Blueprint

Creative Website Marketing


Here is a simple list of to-dos when laying out your new site architecture ? it will make all of our lives easier, and your clients? sites more appealing to the search engines:

? an h1 headline on each page

? a text-based menu footer (possibly with that local address info!)

? a sitemap with keyword-rich text links to all of the sites? content

? consistent navigation and layout throughout”

Shameless Blogging

I just posted this for the Erotica community at Adult BackWash.

Is your life enough of a soap opera or do you embellish it for your blog? Admit it… you’ve played with a few details, added an inch or taken a mile, here and there. It’s all for the cause of the readable blog. We all want readers, feedback, numbers on our traffic counters. Being human is human.

What if you traded in the whole truth thing and went for the complete fiction. I’ve read blogs that were blatantly fiction. Unashamed to be totally inspired rather than perspired. Is it bad? Is it wrong? Why do you care! It’s a blog, not life and death. Have fun, take it as far as you can and see what happens. Experiment and explore and live the fantasy in text.

How far would you go, if you could go? Toss out the politically correct, the inbred values and do anything and everything. What comes to mind first? What taboo will you plunge into? No need to think twice, if you’re timid about it go for the anonymous blog. After all, do you really want to meet anyone who would read the stuff you plan to write?

Have fun, keep on blogging. 🙂

Looking for E-card Freeware

I’d like to run web greeting cards from my site. It would be much simpler with some kind of software but so far I haven’t found anything freeware that lets you do it from your site. There are a few which run like affiliates. I really don’t want to promote someone else or use their art/ graphics. I have my own in mind.

It will be cute once I stomp on all the bugs.