What is the Heaviest Thing?

What is the heaviest thing you can think of? Start with real things and move your way into creative imagination.

Would a grey whale be heavier than a 100 year old oak tree?

What if the tree were growing at the bottom of the ocean and the weight of all that water pressure counted?

What if the grey whale were swimming in outer space for years, weightless but then crash landed on Earth with all our gravity?

Carry on with your own ideas or start with your own ideas and see where (and how far) they take you.

Celebrate Yourself Today

Here you are, on this particular day on this particular planet and at this particular time. Pretty good, eh? You may have some problems going on. You may owe money, not own a home or need to deal with unhappy people in your life. There are always problems. If you look for them you can find them quickly and easily. But, for today, at least part of today, stop looking.

Take one day to enjoy, celebrate yourself and what you do have. Think about the good things, the last great book you read, the little bug you noticed last time you had a walk somewhere, the dishwasher is all loaded up and running without you having to a thing more. There are always good things. We make so many of them seem small while we blow up the negative things. Stop that. Appreciate the good things, take the time to enjoy having good things.

Celebrate yourself most of all today. Right now it’s a sunny day outside. Fresh and clean from the rain yesterday, a nice drizzle it was. It’s Sunday so most people don’t need to go anywhere or do anything they don’t want to do. A few household chores to accomplish and the day is yours.

Take what you have right now and be happy with it. Not because there could be doom and gloom on the horizon (don’t threaten yourself) but because it’s here, right now and it’s good!

Throw Something Out Today

We keep too much and then get overwhelmed by what we have. Pick something to throw out today. Recycle it if you can but remove it from your home and your life.

Something already garbage does not count. Be fair and give yourself a break.

Get creative.

Give up on fixing something broken. Find a way to give it to someone else (like leaving it at the bottom of the road for someone else to pick up).

Give away something you have not used in years. Consider trinkets and gadgets gathering dust. Offer them to family and friends so someone else can get more use out of them.

Use old stationary to write a letter to someone. The catch is you have to mail it today rather than leave it for tomorrow.

However you do it, remove one piece of clutter from your life today.

Toys Travelling Around the World

Over the years I’ve seen a few of these objects being sent around the world and photographed’ projects. Rubber ducks, stuffed toys, even a bra have been among the objects. Is there a name for this? Seems there should be by now.

Can you come up with something creative and uniquely you to send around the world on a journey like this?

Source: Give Your Stuffed Toy a Break and Make It Travel Around Japan With Unagi Travel | When On Earth – For People Who Love Travel

After the Headache is Gone

Come up with a list of great words to describe the feeling of relief after a big headache is gone.

How many words can you think of right away and what unusual words can you find if you start looking for them?


I like alleviation because it’s similar to levitation which is like that light and fluffy feeling I get once a stress/ allergy headache finally disappears.

Writing Prompts for Preschool Children

Easy ideas for preschoolers to get writing:

Would you rather…?

  • have potato chips or French fries?
  • play with a cat or a dog?
  • dance or sing?
  • climb a tree or roll in the leaves?
  • swim or skate?
  • make a cake or eat a cake?
  • jump in puddles or stay dry?
  • go to bed late or get up early?
  • have a pet mouse or a pet elephant?

What would you do if…

  • a pet lion came to visit your house?
  • you caught a giant fish?
  • you had an invisible bicycle?
  • you found a real treasure map?
  • you found a secret door?

Start storytelling by asking the children to tell you about their drawings. There’s always a story behind them, for whoever listens. How many words can they write to go along with the words they have drawn?


Ode to a Season

Which is your favourite season? Why is it your favourite?

Write about your favourite season and how it appeals to each of your five senses: sight, sound, taste, touch and hearing.

As a bonus challenge, can you turn it into a haiku?


Bright, soft, white glitter

ice cold, wet lace in the sky

fresh falling snowflakes