Toys Travelling Around the World

Over the years I’ve seen a few of these objects being sent around the world and photographed’ projects. Rubber ducks, stuffed toys, even a bra have been among the objects. Is there a name for this? Seems there should be by now.

Can you come up with something creative and uniquely you to send around the world on a journey like this?

Source: Give Your Stuffed Toy a Break and Make It Travel Around Japan With Unagi Travel | When On Earth – For People Who Love Travel

After the Headache is Gone

Come up with a list of great words to describe the feeling of relief after a big headache is gone.

How many words can you think of right away and what unusual words can you find if you start looking for them?


I like alleviation because it’s similar to levitation which is like that light and fluffy feeling I get once a stress/ allergy headache finally disappears.

Writing Prompts for Preschool Children

Easy ideas for preschoolers to get writing:

Would you rather…?

  • have potato chips or French fries?
  • play with a cat or a dog?
  • dance or sing?
  • climb a tree or roll in the leaves?
  • swim or skate?
  • make a cake or eat a cake?
  • jump in puddles or stay dry?
  • go to bed late or get up early?
  • have a pet mouse or a pet elephant?

What would you do if…

  • a pet lion came to visit your house?
  • you caught a giant fish?
  • you had an invisible bicycle?
  • you found a real treasure map?
  • you found a secret door?

Start storytelling by asking the children to tell you about their drawings. There’s always a story behind them, for whoever listens. How many words can they write to go along with the words they have drawn?


Ode to a Season

Which is your favourite season? Why is it your favourite?

Write about your favourite season and how it appeals to each of your five senses: sight, sound, taste, touch and hearing.

As a bonus challenge, can you turn it into a haiku?


Bright, soft, white glitter

ice cold, wet lace in the sky

fresh falling snowflakes

A Novel Deck of Playing Cards

gothcardsDesign your own playing cards.

My nephew has these Gothic style playing cards. Likely they were given to him from someone for some birthday or other. I liked them. Of course, the Gothic/ tragic style suits a deck of cards with kings, queens and their subordinates.

What are some other styles or genres which would work great as a novelty deck of playing cards?


The Best Secret Door Ever?

People like a story with a secret. But there is more to a secret than the secret itself. How would you design the ultimate secret door? Would it be mysterious, dark and dangerous, sparkling and light or something no one ever noticed until…


I like this one. It blends into the wall. The painting covers the seam at the top of the door and who would think a secret door would just appear right in the middle of a big painting on the wall? Nice camouflage.

For me the ultimate secret door would be in plain sight. Anyone could have seen it if they had just noticed the tiniest of tiny seams in the wallpaper. Of course, the seam would be placed right on the stripe pattern of the wallpaper. A casual glance would have no hope at all in finding it. If someone actually looked, carefully… they would decide it was just their imagination and think a secret door is just romantic nonsense anyway.

Why Make Robots in Human Form?

Why do we usually create a robot to look like a human? Practical design for robots would suit the work they perform. A robot doesn’t need a face to function. Arms, legs, hands, a head, etc. how much of that design is practical and functional to suit the robot’s purpose?

So why give them the look of people? Does it make them seem more a part of our world, less intimidating or sterile? We have machines which don’t look human.

Why do we want robots to be more than machines?