Celebrate Yourself Today

Here you are, on this particular day on this particular planet and at this particular time. Pretty good, eh? You may have some problems going on. You may owe money, not own a home or need to deal with unhappy people in your life. There are always problems. If you look for them you can find them quickly and easily. But, for today, at least part of today, stop looking.

Take one day to enjoy, celebrate yourself and what you do have. Think about the good things, the last great book you read, the little bug you noticed last time you had a walk somewhere, the dishwasher is all loaded up and running without you having to a thing more. There are always good things. We make so many of them seem small while we blow up the negative things. Stop that. Appreciate the good things, take the time to enjoy having good things.

Celebrate yourself most of all today. Right now it’s a sunny day outside. Fresh and clean from the rain yesterday, a nice drizzle it was. It’s Sunday so most people don’t need to go anywhere or do anything they don’t want to do. A few household chores to accomplish and the day is yours.

Take what you have right now and be happy with it. Not because there could be doom and gloom on the horizon (don’t threaten yourself) but because it’s here, right now and it’s good!

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