Considering Positive and Negative Space

A Beginner’s Guide to Architectural Design: Architecture and Theory.

Positive space vs. negative space

Space is called positive space if it is occupied by the main subjects of the work (i.e. the placement of figures).

Negative space is what remains after figure placement and is also known as “unshaped.”

“We move through negative spaces and dwell in positive spaces. Positive spaces are almost always preferred by people for lingering and social interaction. Negative spaces tend to promote movement rather than dwelling in place.” – Matthew Frederick

Implied spaces

A space is implied when something is not there, but has been designed to indirectly suggest that something is supposed to be there, or take place there.

Elements are implied when no element exists, but we can still ‘see’ them. They are still clearly apparent.

If this makes no sense at all, take a look at the original post. I thought it was quite a concept and wondered how I could work it into a story. I’m going to read more about it.

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