Core Values

Sarah’s Core Values:

Grace: Being generous and forgiving toward yourself and others) equanimity.

Connectedness: Building a support network of friends, family, mentors.

Accomplishment: Knowing and appreciating what you’re capable of.

Adventure: Taking on new challenges outside your comfort zone.

Spirituality: Crafting your own approach to any belief system to help you find a sense of purpose and inner peace.

This comes from the June 2011 Chatelaine magazine. The article is about Sarah Brokaw, the author of Fortytude.

Have you ever thought to make a list of your core values? It’s not something I’ve really put together, in any official way. We have our values floating around in our minds, one comes to the surface as needed – in time to make a decision usually. But I’ve never thought to compile them all and really give them my attention as a whole.

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