Could there be a Train Around the World?

I think this is a great idea. But, maybe better for a super train than a highway for standard vehicles. There are so many great ideas in the works for trains. Even trains which seem impossible to derail and have accidents. All run faster and work with various green fuel ideas.

I’d love to take a trip on a train from London to Toronto. No doubt the tracks could connect to Toronto somewhere along the way through western Canada or around the Great Lakes. What a great trip that would be.

Travel to Europe might become much more affordable too. Shipping of goods/ trade could be simpler. Not all of those trains would be for passengers!

Far into the future (or not so far) the road or train could extend south into Africa and South America too. How great would that be for developing countries? I’m not thinking tourism or charity but real human resources as people could make the trip in much less time – quite a distance to commute to work but the super trains could make the trip.

How would a whirlwind trip around the world on the super train be? What would you pack?

London to New York City by car? It could happen if the head of Russian Railways has his way.

Source: Road from Europe to U.S.? Russia proposes superhighway –

2 thoughts on “Could there be a Train Around the World?

    • Bridges. Look at the map in the proposed idea. The track/ road runs where land meets, or comes closer to meeting. Might use tunnels, bridges, etc. Must have some ideas to work with to get the idea rolling.

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