Database Confusion

I feel I must find out more information about domains, databases and such written for the terminally stupid. I have a new domain which is hosted free with Hosting Matters. Nice deal, just pay once a year for the domain itself (it is added to my account where I pay to host Anyway, I am trying to set it up with a lifestream blog-like thing. But, I keep stumbling over databases and passwords and whatever else. I don’t know which are the right ones to use any more. There are some from the main domain, some from my installation of WordPress and some from other things which I have uninstalled. I kept them all in the same Notepad file. Maybe that was my first stupid mistake. Now I am confused. Luckily, Hosting Matters has very patient and understanding technical support. I will probably have it figured out by tomorrow and finally know which database is the one I should be using for everything.

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