Dear JetPack…

Can we have a feature to mass update JetPack’s modules for all our WP sites? I have had to reinstall JetPack due to update problems and each time my modules need to be re-set. This is time consuming and a little aggravating to do for several sites. Today 6 of them need to be reset and I can’t find any enthusiasm at all for the job. Could JetPack set this up as has made it work for updating plugins for all my blogs now?

PS- JetPack should not be on the updates. It does not work well with others there. The time before I forgot not to update it and this last time I was optimistic and thought it would work this time… But, no. JetPack has some kind of conniption each time I update it on, especially if I have other plugins to update. Why not just have JetPack update from JetPack and keep module settings there too? Please. The multi-bloggers will love you. For a few minutes at least.

I sent this request to JetPack tonight. I’m sure someone will read it but, tonight, I am still fixing/ adjusting modules cross checking between sites and wishing there was an easier way to do this.

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  1. Hey there! My name is Jeremy, and I work on the Jetpack team.

    I must admit that I don’t really understand the issue you’re experiencing. You should not need to update or reset Jetpack modules: when a plugin update is available, you should see a single notice in your dashboard. All what’s left to do is click on update.

    Does something happen when you run the plugin update? If so, could you let me know what error message you get when running the update?

    PS- JetPack should not be on the updates. It does not work well with others there.

    I’m not sure I understand. Do you experience issues when trying to access the Plugins screen on If so, could you tell me more about the errors you get?

    1. When I update JetPack on half the time it causes my site to crash. My site does not load, not even the admin. So I go into ftp and delete JetPack. That works. Then I install JetPack fresh, but all the settings are gone. I do get the update notice on my dashboard and on I’ve been using the connection to update all my plugins because it can do so on all the sites rather than one by one. JetPack is the only plugin which I’ve had a problem with this way.

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