Disqus Can Take a Flying Leap!

Disqus Doesn't Work

I had read about Disqus on lynda.com, one of the courses. I decided to give Disqus another try based on how good it was made to sound. I had trouble with it before, as a commenter on other blogs/ sites. I should have stuck to that and never started with the damned thing.

I don’t know how it is for anyone commenting (trying to comment) on my sites. But, it is SHITE on a stick, when I try to use it to comment anywhere else. It can not find my login. It does not have my API – neither do I!  I can’t see anywhere to login to Disqus. Am I just imagining the whole thing, is this some blog commenting nightmare? No, it’s blog commenting software that demands I jump through hoops, do some backflips and maybe then I will be allowed to comment.

Piss off Disqus. How is that for great professionalism?

Urrrgggggh! DELETED!!!

6 thoughts on “Disqus Can Take a Flying Leap!

  1. I have not been able to comment on any website using Disqus for……about 2 months. I tried Chrome and Firefox. Oddly it will work in Chrome Incognito mode or Firefox private mode.

    • I remember being frustrated with Disqus and IntenseDebate and their ilk many times. I decided the simplest thing was to just use the comment form which already works just fine with WordPress. But, reading about how great someone else found Disqus I gave it another try. Putting it up on the site went ok. But, when I was on the site of someone else, I could not leave a comment. Well…. what is the point of running Disqus as comment software then? Seemed pretty simple to figure that one out.

      Anyway, it won’t be back here. But, I bet you will run into it more often. Disqus is rolling out some new thing where blog owners are supposed to make money from using Disqus on their sites. I’m sure this will attract a lot of people. Sadly, it will mean a lot less comments. I don’t think I will go through the hassle of trying to comment on any site which runs Disqus. I may leave a note for the site owner on Twitter, to let them know there is a problem.

  2. Did you try contacting Disqus? I might have been able to reach them before you pulled it. I use Disqus on my website and it hasn’t given me a issue. I use blogger though, however. I’ll send an email to Daniel Ha to see what he can do.

    It could also be the way you have the WordPress plugin set up, on your end. Did you ever modify any of the plugin files?

    • I did hear from one person who said they had been unable to comment here.

      The problem I have with Disqus is trying to comment on other people’s sites when they use Disqus. This is the main reason I removed it from my site.

  3. Hi Laura, I work on the Disqus Support team, and I’m sorry you had so much trouble getting Disqus to work. The error you posted above is unusual and we’d like to try to get to the bottom of it, if you would be willing to provide a bit more information about how it happened. I’d be happy to chat with you personally if you would email me at amanda[at]disqus.

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