Do You Shut Down Comments on Old Posts?

Do you have your comment spam filter set to automatically delete any comments on older posts? While this will get rid of a lot of spam for you it also could delete some real comments.

We have posts in our archives which we leave for anyone to find, through searching or through links on other sites. So it is very possible real commenters will come to an old post and leave a real comment. If you delete comments on old posts you won’t ever find any real comments there.

Unless you choose to delete your archived posts rather than keep them, shouldn’t you let people comment? Why would you close off the old posts and yet leave them online to be found? So many people argue that a blog isn’t even a blog unless it has comments, that interaction. Yet, they seem to do various things to shut down comments. It’s backwards – like a blog archive. Funny how it is all relative if you think about it.

4 thoughts on “Do You Shut Down Comments on Old Posts?

  1. with Blogger, you now have the option to turn on comment moderation for posts over 7 days old… that is where most spammers leave comments and links, I have found — this way, I can choose which comments to post and which to delete on older posts.

  2. It’s amazing how much less comment spam Blogger gets versus WordPress. I had the idea for this post while I was going through comment spam in this blog. It is very rare that a sincere comment shows up for an older post but it does happen. Still, it is tempting to have them all marked as spam and deleted automatically. Not that it takes a lot of time but it is time being sucked up by spammers who annoy me in that they think my time is theirs to suck up.

    Anyway, I will keep checking my comments myself rather than running on autopilot and missing someone who found me from an old post.

  3. I’m curious how Blogger has less spam than WP. I’m guessing Google has a backend server that does nothing but check for spammy comments and doesn’t send them onto the blog.

    I keep all my posts open for comments. Sometimes I get someone who’s googled something, found me, and wanted to thank me for finding it. Other times, spam. But I kill those.

  4. Blogger is the CMS for those who want something simple. It really does work that way, so far. They seem to be adding more stuff to it and making it more complicated, I think that is a mistake for them. If someone wants more control and complications they can use another CMS. The selling point of Blogger has been simplicity.

    Anyway, it is amazing how much more spam comments I get here versus none really at Blogger. It shows that Blogger/ Google is on top of things there.

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