From the Free Dictionary – Dystopia: an imaginary place where everything is as bad as it can be.

Dystopia is the opposite of a utopia. It’s a pretty great word if you’re a science fiction fan, like myself. I hadn’t heard of it before. Or, at least I didn’t remember it. My nephew started playing a new game on his PS3, BioShock. It’s a real experience into dystopian societies.  Pretty grim in fact. I was looking up more information about the storyline and characters when I came across the word dystopia in a write up about the game. So I had to look up the word. It was self explanatory really but still, I gave into temptation to find out more.

Exploring Dystopia – a forum for science fiction and horror fans. There is an old site too, pretty abandoned and comes with pop up ads and a thick banner on top.  But the site itself is pretty cool if you overlook the ad junk. Too bad they didn’t keep it up and move it to a different free host.

Suite101: Utopian/ Dystopian Fiction.

Dystopia –  A cyberpunk game.

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