Energizer Advanced Lithium Batteries are Dead

My note to Energizer:

I have a pair of Advanced Lithium batteries, expiry date 03/2019. One of them has rusted out inside the remote control for the TV. They are no longer functional. Plus they have damaged the remote. From what I have read on your site they should have lasted much longer. How do I get these 2 AAA batteries replaced through Energizer? Also, will new batteries work now that the batteries have caused damage to the electronic device?

What do you do with dead batteries? I tried scraping the rust off and got them to work twice more. Now they are doing nothing. Annoying because you can’t buy just a pack of two when you go to the store. So there are two more somewhere, I just don’t know where. I don’t really care to use batteries from the same pack and risk more damage, so it’s not vital to find them. If I did keep them.

There is nothing else in the house which runs on AAA batteries. I’m careful not to get other sizes because I hate buying a battery which will only work for one thing. You end up never being able to just buy a pack of two so you’re paying double for the batteries right from the start.

Anyway, I don’t know if I can freeze these, dip them in vinegar, or anything to get them working. I wrote to Energizer but likely it will take days and then all I will get is a form mail reply worth absolutely nothing.

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