Entitled to Free WordPress Plugin Support

I don’t agree with people who post, expecting WordPress plugin developers to give free support for free plugins. I know people in the community say WordPress is free and a lot of the community contributes their time to support it in forums, plugins and themes. But… the days of the free Internet are gone and WordPress is kept free because people have found ways to keep it free and available to everyone. I don’t think everyone understands this. Too many expect everything connected with WordPress should be free, freely given and supported.

This is what I wrote today in one of the plugin support forums. The post I replied to wasn’t too ranty but I don’t think it was fair. Also, consider more than feeling entitled to free help, consider the source and think about how sustainable all that will be in the long run if we don’t support the developers of WordPress core, themes and plugins as we expect them to support us.


I’m not adding the link but it wouldn’t be hard to find if you felt you must. I don’t want to make this about the individual plugin or developer when it’s really about the WordPress community, all of us.

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