Facebook Games Stopped Being Fun

Facebook Games are Addictive, Not Fun

I’m not playing any Facebook games now. I stopped. I got tired of the limited game play (being allowed only a few turns before I had to request more from friends). I got tired of having people I don’t know on my Facebook account (people I had added just for the Facebook games). I got tired of my Facebook feed being cluttered with game posts. I got tired of being pushed in subtle and not so subtle ways to pay (more) for the games when they gave me so little in return. Mostly, I had enough of feeling like a mouse in a wheel – putting so much effort into winning nothing. (Those little image files are even copyrighted, no matter how many you win you can not ‘own’ them or take them home or anything).

One day I realized I wasn’t having fun any more. I had a deadline to cook hundreds of dishes for Cafe World and not enough friends to help me get there. I could nag my real friends, who had stopped playing the game, to send me gifts. Or, I could buy my way there, with real money I needed for real things. I had already spent some money on the game, why not spend bit more? If I spent $20 I could have those cakes baked and get ahead another level up so I could cook new things.

Get back to the part where it wasn’t fun any more.

The graphics were cute, I liked my cafe (my farm, my island and my train station too) but I felt pressured to perform for the game, to collect items that were worthless in reality. My friends and family were not pleased with the amount of game requests in my Facebook feed. Even if you only send out one request to one friend on one day, the games now have unlimited access to your feed on Facebook and they can post whatever they like, as often as they choose – to everyone on your friend list (whether they play the game or not).

Also, when you allow a Facebook game/ application to access your account in any way, you are giving them all your information. Even beyond your Facebook account itself, they can find your account on other sites like Twitter, Blogspot, WordPress, etc. Each time you allow a Facebook game to access your information you are giving away a lot of information to someone you know nothing about. Facebook does NOT guarantee your privacy, security or safety.

You can join groups for fans of each game, They will become your instant friends and add to you database of gift givers. You can quickly end up with a list of a few hundred Facebook friends, all just for playing these games. These addicting games that want your money and will pull every cheap move they can think of to make you feel like staying and paying to play. You feel the goals they set you are worth working for, but they offer nothing in reality. When you walk away from the game your hands are always empty but your time has gone, with nothing really accomplished.

It took me a couple of false starts to finally break away from the Facebook games. There were a couple I hung onto. There were people I had met through the games who I felt I was letting down. Then there was the feeling of wanting to keep that city, farm, cafe open and growing. Also, the special plus of having the latest seasonal tree on my farm, the one I had to nag all my friends about just to be able to have it! One day it just didn’t seem any of that was really worthwhile any more.

Just Say No

So I fully and finally quit them all, just to the last train, farm, city and cafe. This weekend my niece asked me if I was still playing any of the games. It wasn’t easy, she’s just a kid, but I told her no. Instead we played another game, online.

I still like online games. I like having something simple and fun to play when I don’t have anything else I really have to do. So, I began looking at the sites where my nephew, Zack, plays online games. He has quite a few which he goes to regularly. The games range from simple to complicated. You can play board games, role playing games or strategy games, most of the sites have the games sorted into categories. I like the simple games where I just move the mouse around the screen. I may yet get into some of the free role playing games which have you create a character and then travel around the game world. I’m not quite there yet. I’m enjoying not being addicted to anything on Facebook. I find myself not using the site nearly as much, for any reason, now.

Kongregate is my favourite online game site now. You can open an account and move up levels as you play the games there. It gives you goals but doesn’t leave you feeling you’re working towards winning nothing. There are no fake prizes offered, just the goal of achieving another level for the sake of levelling up itself.

Know the Risks of Using Facebook

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