Fairy Tales for Short Attention Spans

One day a great wizard cast an enchantment upon a princess hoping to lure her to his realm. Finally, she arrived. The wizard came down from his tower to greet her with his very best pick up line. Sadly, it was something obnoxious he had picked up from the guy who cleaned the dungeon. So she left.

Once upon a time the charming prince met the beautiful princess. He invited her to the grandest ball at his sparkling palace. He bought a new horse and chariot to pick her up for the ball. Sadly, he was stopped for speeding, taken into the police station for all his unpaid parking and speeding fines and never did get to have that first date with the princess. She did meet his younger brother and they got along well and lived fairly happily ever after.

Your turn. Write a short fairy tale, with a twist.

2 thoughts on “Fairy Tales for Short Attention Spans

  1. Once upona time, there lived a poor widow and her son Jack. One day, while Jack sat up in a tree watching the people come and go on the road below him, he spied the royal carriage approaching. He had heard that the princess was extremely beautiful and he made up his mind to try and see her. Unfortunately, due to heightened security concerns, it was her body double, Harold Krump, who was not remotely attractive at all. Kack never fell in love with the princess and lived out his days in poverty.

  2. Once upon a time a girl had a crazy caretaker who sequestered her at the top of a tower. She wasn’t allowed to have any friends or cut her hair. One day, she spied someone approaching the tower and, desperate for company, she called out. It turned out the fellow on the horse worked for the Department of Children’s Services. He came back with an army of social workers and they stormed the tower, arrested the caretaker for child neglect, and carried the girl to the nearest hairdresser who promptly cut her hair and introduced her to the joys of product.

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