Fake Accents and Dying Languages

Last year a Canadian public radio show called “This is That” reported a somewhat ridiculous-seeming plan, cooked up in the northern Alberta town of High Prairie: to attract more tourists, the town council had hired a linguist from Texas to invent a local accent.

via A new way to attract tourists: fake accents and dying languages – Quartz.

Everyone has tried a fake accent at some point. My brother is very, very good at it. I’m not. I do hear myself speaking with an accent (in my own head) it just doesn’t connect somewhere along the way from my brain to my mouth. I can live with that. Mostly because I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone pick up an accent and get it right as well as my brother does.

Why would you choose to fake an accent? Assuming you could do it well, or at least well enough. Also, which accent would want? Sure it would depend on the situation, sometimes. But, which accent would you really like, and why?

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