Interview Yourself

Interviewing is a nice skill to have. It’s more than just being social, able to keep a conversation moving. There is quite a bit of preparation involved before the social part even starts.

What questions will you ask during the interview? Think about what you want to know yourself, that’s a good place to start. Then research about the person, their projects and other information and see what new information you come up with. If you discover something unique ask about it at the interview.

An important thing about an interview is to get new information. Rather than rehashing the same old stuff see if there isn’t some new tidbit, a new twist on an idea or something old that has since stopped working (become obsolete). It all depends on who you are interviewing and what the topic is. But keep the idea in mind that you want to have something fresh for people to read.

To practice coming up with interview questions try interviewing yourself. What questions would you write up for yourself? You already have the background information, the current projects and your own permission to be interviewed… so get started.

Come up with five good questions that would work for an interview with yourself.

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