Is Focusing your Creativity Important?

Is focusing your creativity important? You would think that was a simple question with a simple answer. Of course focusing on what you are doing will work in your favour. But, what if you are too focused, too intense. What if you have practiced and focused the life right out of your art? Technically perfect, but missing the passion and the individuality of being just a bit imperfect.

Deanna at Ululating Undulating Ungulate (Paraphrased from her original post):

Art does not require perfection. So-called mistakes, even those acknowledged by the artist, do not hurt anyone. But more importantly, creativity is about expression — and the joy of creating.

I think one of the problems people have creating things is this fear of not being perfect. It holds us back, keeps us from expressing ourselves, keeps us from the joy of making.

I think you should focus on being creative, not so much on the end result — or it’s meeting the standards of others. Just focus on the expression and the joy of making something.

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