I’ve Deleted all my Post Tags

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I’m sick of dealing with an endless, bottomless list of tags. Last month I wiped out my categories. I left a sensible, comprehensible list of six categories to act as an index. I kept the tags then. But, today I decided the tags had to go. They were a weight on my shoulders I could do without.

Once you begin using tags you are stuck trying to maintain them. Unless you are some super organized and efficient type, tags can get out of control easily. Just the decision to use ‘books’ versus ‘book’ will give you an extra tag. You can spend time sorting and merging your tags. But, do you want to? I did try to get the tags sorted and under control, to make sense of them on two different occasions. I started out today thinking I’d do it a third time. Then that nice, shiny delete button caught my eye.

Now they’re gone. This is a tagless blog and it feels liberating! Free!


5 thoughts on “I’ve Deleted all my Post Tags”

  1. Hi Laura,

    Last week, I took the leap of faith and also deleted all of my post tags. I was wandering if you have noticed any differences, whether good or bad as a result of you’re deleting yours? On a side note, how have you survived the latest Panda and Penguin update? I got slaughtered….

    Dave F.

  2. I am still happy to be without tags. Posting is much easier. I didn’t notice much difference from Google. I have one post which gets bursts of huge traffic and that one had a big day last week. Maybe I’m a bit down overall but not more than I can live with. I’ve been making notes for guest post ideas and (just for the hello of it) I’m going to aim high and see if Copyblogger and some of those popular sites will notice my ideas in their inbox.

    I’m working on adding descriptions to my categories. I’m looking at redefining my site’s main tagline. A friend gave me some good tips and a new way of looking at what I’m doing here versus what I thought I was doing here.

  3. Ya, I am in the process of also updating the way that I use to do things. Just waiting for Google to recrawl my site and restore me back to normal.

    On a side note, you are more than welcome to guest post on my blog. My site is by no means at the level of Copyblogger, but has done very well for only being just over a year old. Prior to the latest Panda update, Marketing Methods Online was receiving 1500 page views per day. I have confidence that it will return back to that and surpass it in no time. I believe that your content would be a good fit.

    Please let me know if you are interested.


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