2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Now Happy New Year

  1. A Very Merry Christmas to you Laura and thanks for your comments. I have only been blogging for 2 months and use EC CMF and Adgitize. They all have their good and bad sides.

    Being a newbie, Adgitize brings in the most traffic but they average one minute on site, a very high bounce rate and lowest page view with just over 1.

    EC is a very close second in traffic, about the same in page views but they average over 4 minutes on site, again a high bounce rate.

    CMF comes in a distant last of these three, while EC and Adgitize in the last 30 days have brought in well over 3500 each, CMF has one tenth the amount with just under 300, which is pathetic, as I do a lot of adverts on their site also. That is why in my opinion they are starting up this new program Spikes, I think it is called, to get bloggers to go to the blogs and bring in more traffics, but I don’t think they way they have it set up, the average time on site will be very long. Not sure but time will tell. They have the most page view average with about 2 , they average almost 3.5 minutes on site and have the lowest bounce rate at 75%, which is still high. But again with only 300 visitors the averages really don’t help bring up the total analytics at all. I am not that enthused either with all the changes they have instituted, there is to much to learn and set up, makes it very time consuming to get in the swing of things. I am sure once we use it more, it will become easier to understand, but at least they are trying to improve.

    Obviously nothing beats good content, updated daily and retaining a good RSS list and gaining more loyal readers who comment a lot.

    Any high ranking, major money making blog is based on direct/organic traffic, which is what all bloggers hope to strive for. So find the right niche, work the blog daily for as much time as you can without getting divorced and make sure to appreciate, each and every visitor. Direct and search engine traffic is by far my largest traffic provider to my blog.

    But until you get your name out there and have good SERP and PR numbers, having these three services area godsend for new bloggers.

    Let’s all hope for a great 2010 and help each other out as much as possible 🙂 Kindest regards Glenn

    PS, I know most people don’t give out their stats, but why hide them. Maybe I will think differently if I ever make money at blogging. But honestly I enjoy blogging to meet nice people such as yourself and also it’s damn fun, most of the time and ADDICTING 🙂

    Happy New years and please stop by again. By the way I was in love with Marlo Thomas who played the lead role in That Girl the TV show, guess I am showing my age now too LOL.

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