Not a Follower Nor a Leader Be

I don’t like following someone just because they succeeded, doing it their way. – Me.

After reading (trying to) the discussion for #BlogChat on Twitter, joined by @ProBlogger I felt I had just attended a religious gathering. I didn’t like it.

My overall impression was of information I already know from reading ProBlogger, CopyBlogger and etc. Mostly information I know from my own common sense and experience.

What I realized, at some point, was that mostly everyone there was a follower. Maybe there were a few who kept quiet rather than post the same party line over and over again. I don’t like that feeling of everyone agreeing with someone just because they are seen as an authority, or someone with power. There should be more individual thought than that. I wish.

It’s not that the information about blogging was wrong. It’s just that no one said anything new and most important, no one said anything different. There was no difference of opinion. There was no discussion of other ideas, other options. It felt too much like ProBlogger was god. That bugged me. I posted some disagreement but it was swallowed up. I couldn’t become a total rebel and post something guaranteed to start a disturbance. I’m still a nice Canadian grrl after all. I did post that email newsletters were dinosaurs when ProBlogger posted his link to a post about the great usefulness of email newsletters. He agreed that he finds them only preferable to RSS feeds. (When did you last read an RSS feed or an email newsletter?)

Anyway, at some point in my reading, listening, thinking and clicking the quote that started this post came into my brain. It is true. Very much how I feel. Someone accomplished, successful could be doing things right and well. But, that doesn’t mean everyone should jump into the boat and follow along as if that were the one right way. Maybe in get-rich-quick types this is what they latch onto because they just want to get money and then move on. They build nothing that matters and they care not what they leave behind. Also, they don’t really want to think for themselves, not really. They just want to follow something that worked for someone else and they expect to get the same results. Isn’t that a sign of insanity?

I like my thoughts about this. I want to keep them. To remind myself that I don’t want to be a follower, even if that means I don’t get the success, fame or fortune I’d kind of like to have.

One thought on “Not a Follower Nor a Leader Be”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve always wondered why in school they asked “are you a follower or a leader?”. Where’s the in between? I’m perfectly happy being neither, and always have been. Leave me be, let me do my thing, and for the love of god stay out of the way least you get run over lol.

    Also, don’t be fooled – a very large chunk of followers are nothing more than just followers. The leaders generally have all the success, and rarely do a good job teaching others how to duplicate it. 😉

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