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I like reading job descriptions for online web publishing. I started reading this one, thinking it would be a way for someone who loves illustration and arts to get into being part of the ‘art department’ for a publication. It’s not. They are looking for someone to publish and managed the visual arts section. Still worth reading.

This is a volunteer thing. They want a lot out of someone they won’t be paying. So, anyone looking into this will have to be doing it for the experience and the fame, not the fortune.

Online Editor – Visual Arts

We’re looking for a volunteer Web Editor to play a senior role overseeing the editorial content of the Arts section. With a working knowledge of feminist theory and socially engaged contemporary art practice, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the voice of

You will be a self starter with drive and creative energy; responsive, bold and confident with your ideas. Your main goal will be to work to our creative and editorial standards to enhance and broaden the appeal of

Responsibilities include:

* Researching article ideas relevant to the HCE mission

* Maintaining an editorial calendar

* Assigning articles to volunteer bloggers and freelance writers

* Monitoring expected contributor submissions (features, blog posts, etc.)

* Managing routine communications with contributors

* Posting all content to WordPress CMS with appropriate formatting

* Sourcing and adding graphics, photos, etc. as necessary

* Managing content for monthly eNewsletter – based on editorial calendar/schedule

* Take an active interest and personal pride in the aesthetic appearance of the site

* Promptly correct any typos or other errors noted on the site

via Opportunities.

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