The End for Book Reading?

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Is this the end for books? | Books | The Guardian.

Certainly, electronic books have overcome their technological obstacles. Page turns are fast enough, battery life is long enough, and screens are legible in sunlight. Digital sales now account for 14% of Penguin’s business. But there are reasons to reject the idea that the extinction of the printed book is just around the corner, just as there were reasons to reject the notion that e-books would never catch on because you couldn’t read them in the bath and, y’know, books are such lovely objects.

I believe reading will be around in one form or another. Books have been a part of our world for such a long time they can’t just fade away too quickly. But, things do change. Think of the current generation of teenagers. How many of them have every played a record, dialed a rotary phone…?

For me, reading a paperback book is my own style of comfort food (without the calories and concern about cholesterol). I read in bed, late at night. I read at the coffee shop. I never need to worry about a paperback book falling off my bed when I fall asleep reading. I don’t feel too bad if I shove around a book in my purse and get it a little dog-eared. It’s just been a bit more well read, enjoyed.

Digital technology is changing how we read as well as what we read. People are impatient, expecting near instant feedback to emails. Attention spans are getting shorter as well. How long will it take before people can’t focus long enough to read at all? Everything will become visual in order to catch attention and keep it long enough to drill their message/ information into wandering minds. Already there is too much information, an overload of distractions.

I think we need to keep our brains able to read a good book. To wind down, focus on something for a longer time period and become more involved than just on the surface level.

Have Faith in Your Ideas

Don’t beg, rather pitch properly: Let’s face it, if you actually have a great product or event, you will not have to beg anyone to show up. Only problem is, when ideas aren’t sold properly they devalue you and will most probably make anything you send to be overlooked.

via Working with Bloggers | Joe Akkawi.

If you don’t have faith in what you are saying/ writing how can you expect anyone else to? When you are writing a blog post, a query letter, anything which you want to get results from, don’t write it unless you are feeling confident, strong and have faith in what you are writing. Take a break if you need to. Write a draft and then come back to it when you feel stronger and edit it from that point of view. Give everything you do a good chance to succeed!

Making Your Dream Come True

We deal with fear, negativity and other obstacles then, one day, it just stops being the great dream we had planned, expected and hoped for. It doesn’t mean the dream has lost anything – the journey just got a little long or hard and we need to find the original joy we had from the dream.

#6. Enjoy the Journey

The process of fulfilling your dream shouldn’t be a chore; it should be an adventure. There will be obstacles, yes, but you can still have fun along the way. The realization of your dream will last for a moment while the journey to realize it can be rather lengthy. Don’t waste that time in frustration; enjoy yourself.

Upon arriving in the city of the “floating lights,” Rapunzel and Flynn spend the day exploring the city while they wait for nightfall. The moment Rapunzel has been waiting for her entire life is only hours away but, rather than gawking at the sky in anxious expectation, she spends the remaining hours having fun. She paints on the street, she dances in the square, and she reads in the library. She does not let her end-goal take away from the opportunities in the here-and-now.

What about you? Are you having fun yet? Or, are you tired and burnt out from your journey? Determination is one thing; exasperation is something else entirely. Stress is a dream-killer. If you don’t love the journey taken to realize it, the actual fulfillment of your dream won’t mean as much. You’ll find yourself questioning whether or not it was worth the trouble. So, do yourself a favor and have a little fun.

via 7 Steps to Making Your Dream Come True | PickTheBrain | Motivation and Self Improvement.

Going Beyond Words

From Conversation Agent: Write Killer Copy by Going Beyond Words

These were my favourite points from the list. The whole post is very worth reading.

(5.) Build on the desire to belong

Why do young girls buy a Tiffany & Co. silver bracelet or necklace? Their desire to be fashionable and sophisticated comes at a price point that is affordable today in view of an upgrade tomorrow.

A strategy that paid extremely well for the luxury jeweler, so much so that the company managed to engineer a silver lining. Hence the importance of branding. What can you write about your company or product that will help certain kinds of people you want to appeal to associate with it?

You could see yourself as part of a product fan club without necessarily need to have anything in common with other fans. Tiffany is a good example of what the brand means to the buyer, even at varying price points.

Find the aspirational benefit.

(7.) Make the whole brain work

Ever since I read A Whole New Mind, I’ve been working on including elements of content that speak to intuition and sensation along with thinking and emotion. The feedback I receive about this blog is that I make people think.

That is one of my objectives.

According to scientific research, asking the mind to work hard is also a powerful way of creating a positive, enjoyable, and stimulating effect on the brain. My posts leave plenty of work for the people who are keen on trying on new ideas and executions.

Quotes from a Soap Opera

I laughed at a line spoken by David Vickers. I don’t know if I have it typed exactly, I tried to be quick while it was circulating around in my head. Then I picked up a few more when I tried to find the first quote, to see if anyone else had picked it up and had it the same way I did.

“I’ve been conducting a survey in my own head and there apparently, I’m legendary.” – David Vickers, from the One Life to Live soap opera, talking about his Ninja skills and intelligence.

Todd Manning: “Must be nice living in a world of newspapers; all your people in black and white. ”

Sad that All My Children and One Life to Live are ending. I began watching both of them sometime after Another World was cancelled. I had watched Another World with my Mother and Grandmother over years and years. It was very hard when Another World was cancelled, about the same time my Grandmother died. Anyway, now I’ve gotten attached to All My Children and One Life to Live. I’ve got favourite characters. I’d like to see them go on an on and eventually get old. Now I won’t. There is some talk about the shows getting another chance online. But, no guarantee that will happen or, that we will be able to see it in Canada. Already the online videos for past shows only work if you are watching from the US.

My little redheaded sister is getting married today. I should be getting ready, deciding what I am going to wear… but I’d really like to crawl back into bed and nap awhile instead. I hope I can nap in the car on the ride out there. (I’m not driving).


Would you climb up to the top of a tall building, crawl out on the roof, look out over the edge and start taking photographs of the city? Would you sit on the edge, dangle your feet off into space and photography the city skyline? Rooftop photography (rooftopping) is another place to consider for urban explorers to enjoy.

How high would you go for a photograph? Give it a try.

The photograph is of Margaret Bourke-White.