Even for all that Nice, Juicy Money?

“It’s so insidious and pointless. I think that takes away from getting to have this special moment where you go and see someone in a movie. That magic gets diluted because you see these people every hour, every day in something that’s bound together and called a publication.” Julia Roberts talking about how Hollywood has lost it’s glamour.

I think she is right. But it’s not all gone. Still, when you see them in their underwear, or wearing bikinis that show them as human and less than perfect and you see them all the time. They aren’t anything so special any more. At least here in Canada we don’t get bombarded by it quite so much. Even living in the midwest US I found there was more babble and propaganda about movie and TV stars than I encounter here.

Would you want to be a movie star in this day and age? Or would you find the lack of privacy too much to cope with, even for all that nice, juicy money?

Web Content Strategy

Is this a new career for web writers?

Newfangled Web Factory has an article about content strategy and a better description than the one I came up with myself.

What is a Content Strategy? Put simply, content strategy involves identifying the type of content that will best enable you to communicate your positioning and achieve your online goals, then planning for the creation of that content by allocating time and resources to the effort.

I found my first mention of Web Content Strategy on the site of the same name which has a blog to explain more and give updates on the industry/ career. I found other resources which I will link below:

Content Strategy: Free Online Resource for Web Editors and Content Managers.

At Dosh Dosh you can read about why content strategies are important.

A List Apart kind of pulls it all together in a shorter article.

Do you Really Want to Watch That?

Scribble Pad has written about Life Without TV.

After about two months, I sat down to show him the prices and plans for the other possible services, and that lead to a great conversation. We realized how much not having those channels enhanced our day to day lives.

  • Productivity was up for both our businesses, as well as our personal projects.
  • Sleep came more easily–though admittedly, not really earlier. We’re night owls.
  • Time to hang out together and with others doubled… maybe even tripled.

So we’ve made an executive decision to stick to our local channels and movies. No more getting sucked into the TV until some embarrassingly late hour. It makes for a nice news diet, too. Honestly, if it’s dire, we’ll hear about it or run into it online. Who needs CNN 24/7?

How much of your attention and energy is being donated to TV you really don’t watch? Also, think of the money spent on cable each month. Is it really worth it? Couldn’t you be doing something else or spending that money on something more interesting than staring at TV for hours?

The Leprechaun and His Gold Coins

A leprechaun has attached himself to your ankle. He says he is protesting green eggs and ham being served on St. Patrick’s Day. No matter how you try to explain you don’t know where anyone is serving green eggs and ham he just isn’t listening and only wraps on tighter around your ankle. He’s really getting annoying for such a little person.

Dragging him along, people giving you nasty looks as if you were dragging a child, you notice a pub serving green beer. Hoping this is your chance to get rid of O’Leprechaun, you clamber inside. Seeing and smelling the beer your ankle biter decamps for a bar stool. With a quick sigh of relief you are out the door and down the street, getting lost in the crowd.

Somewhere during the day you look down at your feet and there is that little ankle bait again! Says he isn’t that easy to get rid of. Your first thought is to put your foot in the toilet and see him try to survive the whirlpool. That should give him something to figure out. But he smiles sweetly and offers you a piece of gold. Of course, in classic leprechaun style it turns out to be a chocolate coin, but… it’s really good chocolate.

Is it worth keeping an annoying ankle biting leprechaun just to have free gold chocolate coins?

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Create it Forward
Sat 2:12pm
(A lovely idea from the lovely Laura Mousseau)

The first five (5) people to respond to this post will get something made by me.

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations so please read carefully:

  • I make no guarantees that you will like what I make.

  • What I create will be just for you.

  • It’ll be done this year (2009).

The only condition: You create a note and do the same thing for 5 others.

Do You Really Want a Personal Blog?

I posted this over on the CMF Ads forum. A response to someone who was interested in starting a personal blog but didnt’ seem to really want to write too much about themselves or have a select group of the public masses read it. I’m sticking my comment in here cause later I will want to read it and remember I wrote about the nose picking thing a fourth time now. What a twit I am. 🙂

I read your first post and nothing else. My first thought was why do you want to do a personal blog? Seems you are all against the whole point of a personal blog. Plus you don’t want one set of people to read it yet want to promote it to find readers. Which is it?

I’ve been keeping a personal blog since 1998. My current one started in 2004. It’s freewriting. It’s temper tantrums. It’s rants and links you want to find later but forget all about and then realize they just didn’t matter all that much anyway. I go for months without promoting my blog. I don’t write it for anyone really so what does it matter who reads it. I don’t even know why I read it some days. I’ve been through a divorce in my personal blog. I’ve been through immigration, toe lint, nose picking and the agonies of online dating. I’ve written about being very unhappy and I’ve written about the best days in my life. I write things I hope family don’t read but still I post them, daring fate. If you can’t write about all of that in your own slant what is the point? Stick to a topical/ niche blog.

I don’t hide much about who I am. If you find yourself in Barrie, Ontario you can find me there. That is a real photo of me in this forum. If I looked like a movie star I’d plaster more of them around. Having a personal blog is liberating. I don’t give my URL to anyone I know but they sometimes find it. Most of them are not Internet types so they read one post and wander off like cows grazing in a field.

I’ve had two online stalkers in the time I have been online. I have had my blog hacked once (mild stuff and once I changed the password it was over). I’ve had people go totally off their rockers when I posted about being Pagan and really go bonkers when I posted about being a Witch. Then I posted about picking my nose and I had tons of comments from people laughing along with me. That’s what a personal blog is. Throw caution to the wind, sit back and laugh at yourself.

Invent Your Creative Reading

“One must be an inventor to read well. There is then creative reading as well as creative writing.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do you write a secondary plot for the book you are reading? I often do. I create whole family trees for the characters I like. I give their children names and invent a whole life for them. Then I start on their children’s children. It’s something I get from my Mother I think. She pressed upon us how important it was to continue on the family tree, how that is the real meaning of life as it seems to her. To create, grow and inspire the next generation.

What do you invent for the characters in the book you are reading? Have you ever written fan fiction?