Give Them Some Words to Love

I think writers should not avoid big words. A teacher once described these as 50 cent words. Meaning you can use an ordinary,well known word or something with more flavour and description but a word people may not see everyday and need to look up in the dictionary.

There are some 50 cent words which I remember hearing from teachers in school. They have stuck with me and pop out in my conversation now and then. Words like obscurity and stifled. I like seeing them used when I am reading something. It shows that the writer has a fairly good vocabulary and isn’t bashful about using some of it.

Yes, communication and having your communication understood is the prime directive. But, many readers are also word lovers. Give them some words to love.

Truth or Consequences?

You’re totally stressed out. You haven’t felt this uptight and wound up since about this time last year… oddly enough. Should you be looking into patterns? Probably. Does that matter to you right now? Not a whole lot.

Some weird old guy gives you a ring and says it will fix all your problems, your life will continue on without a lot of high stress and things will (0verall) work out quite well for you. The only downside is that you lose one year from your life.

Do you accept the ring as well as the benefits and consequences?

Don’t Start in a Weak Moment

Don’t start your day with one of your weaknesses. Whatever your time wasting addiction happens to be, put it on the back burner. Don’t fall into the trap of playing a little online game or nine while you wait for the coffee to brew. Don’t just check a little email while your hair dries from the shower. Start your day accomplishing something you need to get done. It sets the day on the right track and avoids slipping into playing games or sorting email or whatever your time waster is and finding the time has flown by.

Consider starting your day with something on your least want to do list. Get something like that out of the way and feel better to move onto something you’d rather be doing.

A Little Spring and Romance

“The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.” — Gertrude Jekyll
“Earth laughs in flower.”– Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s a nice time of year to think of flowers, Valentines Day is coming along and so is Spring. Even though we are up to our ears in snow here I am thinking of pretty growing things.

What are your favourite flowers and for what reasons are they favourites? If you have a blog find a photo of your favourite (or more than one) and post it. Give everyone a taste of Spring and romance.

The Tale of the Haunted Can Opener

Think of something not usually haunted and come up with a reason why it is haunted. For instance…

The Tale of the Haunted Can Opener

It all began with Miss Henrietta Millstone and the can of sardines. Poor Henrietta didn’t know you just needed to turn down the key on the lid. She worked really hard trying to open that can wtih the mighty Pink Power Can Blaster 3001 but it did her no good. In the end, Henrietta was fatally wounded when the sardines (contaminated with radition from the pollution in the lake) got into a little cut on her finger from the rough edge of the can she was butchering open. Henrietta died, still holding the can opener, still stubbornly trying to open that can the wrong way.

Now, on pizza night at the sardine cannery, they say you can still hear Henrietta cursing and shrieking about her stubborn can opener. Her ghost is said to roam the halls, still holding her can opener in one hand and the sardine can in the other. You  smell her long before you see her.

Your turn now. Don’t forget to come up with a good name for your ghost.

Under the Bed

It came from under the bed, the creature with three of everything. Three eyes, three toes, three hairs upon it’s shiny head and three weird tentacles that it seems to have little control over as it wanders around knocking things over, leaving a path of damage and chaos.

The only way to get rid of this creature is to rearrange your bedroom furniture, especially the bed. That way it can’t find it’s way back and gets lost, never to bother you again.

How would you rearrange your bedroom? Draw up a plan and consider giving yourself a change. If only to get rid of that creature from under your bed.

Dust Bunnies Protest Spring Cleaning

The dust bunnies have banded together and are protesting Spring cleaning. Yes, they know it’s not Spring yet. Getting an early start seemed like a good idea.

Each evening, when they think you are asleep, they hold a pep rally under your bed. It’s a quiet pep rally after all, dust bunnies are quiet, soft little creatures. It’s only those hidden teeth you really need to worry about.

One night they decide no one is really going to listen to dust bunnies no matter how many of them gather. So they hike up your bed covers and begin to make you sneeze until, finally, you agree to help them. You only agree cause the sneezing was really starting to get out of hand and you really want to go back to sleep.

What are the demands of the dust bunnies? They have you type them all out, so you should know what they are. Dust

Spring Forth and Unclutter Yourself from Paper Pile Ups

It takes no real effort to build up a paper clutter. I’m famous, infamous really, for it. Once it gets built up getting rid of that clutter is difficult. You can read about organization and buy a nice pen catcher from the Dollar Store but… you’re left with having to actually sort through all your clutter all on your own. That’s the hard part.

In dealing with your personal paper trail there are some sure things you can toss out. Pull over a trash can to file all the extra paper into – then take it all out to your blue box for recycling.

Here is a list of paper clutter you can get rid of right away without much thought or effort:

Preprinted envelopes for bills you pay online or at the bank. My Dad used to keep stacks of these, you would have been amazed at the amount of clutter he racked up on these useless envelopes alone. If you keep these give them a spin in the recycling pile.

Advertising, fliers and brochures which you intended to get a look at but didn’t. Last week’s specials aren’t going to be very useful when it’s now this week. Also, chuck out all the expired coupons.

Sales receipts. I seem to stockpile them in my wallet, purse and around my desk. If you don’t need it for taxes, guarantees or other real practical purposes don’t keep all those receipts. Let them be recycled.

Sticky notes and little pieces of paper you wrote something on and then acted upon and don’t really need the little note now. If you have accomplished the task set free these little cluttery reminders.

Articles and information you have gathered to read for a later time. Have an inbox or some like that and just stack all of these into it. Get them off your desk but in a place you will know to find them later when they are relevant. Or, when you have time to read them.

Bills you have paid. I pay mine through online banking. This means I end up having them sitting around my desk before and after they have been paid. I do have a folder for them but don’t rush to tidy them away. Instead they sit around awhile, cluttering my desk surface and getting in my way. If I didn’t write what and when I paid right on them I’d soon lose track. I’m trying to get better about putting them away, right away.

Napkins. In an attempt to be thrifty and green I don’t throw out napkins from fast food restaurants. Instead I keep them in my purse and bring them home. Sometimes a stack of them wanders onto my desk. I have to chase them away.

If you have extra copies and doubles of something give that to the recycling blue box too. Sometimes we get extra copies at the time and realize we didn’t need them. So get those out of your way too. Don’t keep them around for sentimental reasons.

Rough copies and first drafts can be recycled once you have your good copy. Do keep a back up of the good copy but seldom do you really need all those old works in progress once the progress has been made.

Once you see how much paper you have moved out of your work space you could feel inspired to keep right on uncluttering yourself. Have a place to put your essentials: pens, note paper, coffee cup holder…. and try to give yourself room to work and room to breathe. Working in clutter holds you back, spring forth and unclutter!