Alien Squatters in your Tomatoes?

A pack of aliens from another planet have landed in your backyard. They step out of their mothership, stick a flag up in your tomato patch and claim this place as their own. Right away they are whacking away at your precious, treasured, sun warmed tomatoes and sticking some kind of fort looking thing up.

You’re a little annoyed, who wouldn’t be! However, you’re no fool. How do you handle these alien squatter wanna-bes?

Give a Word a Life of It’s Own

Over your life as things go well and not so well you get a unique feeling about certain words. A word can almost have a whole character of it’s own in your mind.

Think of a word which has extra meaning to you and define it. Not something easy or sappy like family, love, etc. Pick something more unique to yourself. Mine is “approve”. When I hear or read that word I always get a feeling of gooey, clinging, sticky maple syrup in a smug smile.

Ask Your Grandmother

What would you like to ask your Grandmother? My Grandparents are all gone yet now and then something comes up that I’d like to ask them. Usually about family history or how life was back when they were the young people. I’d like to ask my Grandmother about the house her first husband built her. Where was it cause I’d like to see it, if it’s still standing.

What would you ask your Grandmother , if you could?

You Are Your Own Message in a Bottle

That genie really did go too far. You asked if you could send a message in a bottle that didn’t mean you wanted to deliver it in person. A note, on paper, would have been enough. Still, here you are, floating in the ocean, in a bottle. At least the glass is clear so you can see out. Though it’s a bit scary too when you think about how small the bottle really is compared to the size of the ocean and the creatures swimming around in it.

If you could do it over again how would you tell the genie exactly what you wanted to do and not end up floating around in a bottle or something else, possibly worse?

Comment Conversation

What do you think a blog comment is? Take a moment to really put a thought into that.

I’ve always thought a blog comment should be a continuation of the conversation from the blog post. Sometimes I write long drawn out comments cause I think of a lot to say. Sometimes I just leave a note about a related idea or a site I’ve found, some kind of quick information to pass along.

I don’t agree with rating, ranking or reviewing blog comments as if we are keeping score. A comment should be freely given and accepted graciously. (Not counting comment spam of course).

When did you last post a real comment? Add something useful, interesting or personal to the conversation in a blog. If you put some effort into it you will find yourself getting noticed. People will come to read what you have to say if you can show them you actually do have something to say.

What’s So Special About You?

Do you have a moral obligation to help another person?

You’re waiting at the bus stop. It’s a cold wintery day and the bus is likely running late again. There are three people in the bus shelter, not you as they were already all crowded in there when you arrived and none of them moved enough for you to get in. So you’re not feeling especially freindly towards any of them.

One of the women just keels over, falling to the floor of the bus shelter. The others inside there look down at her but just ignore her. Are you obligated to step in there and help her?

Yes, in all the movies everyone rushes to do the right thing. In reality it’s cold and you’re the coldest of all the people standing at the stop. You’re tired, your purse is new and you really don’t want to put it down in the snow. One of those other women is likely to walk off with it if you give them half a chace.

Really, why should YOU have to do it?

Healthy Options on a Low Day

On one of your lowest days when you felt everything was going wrong and you just weren’t able to cope with the world and being a part of it… what do you do to make yourself feel better?

Some of us OD on chocolate ice cream at these times (I won’t name names *sigh*). Some of us get out and do something, like jogging. Which side of that coin works for you? Why can’t we re-train ourselves to the more healthy option?

I don’t really recommend writing on a bad day. The writing tends to be too gloomy. But, if you can journal, that helps a lot. Gather your thoughts and put your feelings into words. It can help a lot to give you perspective and find your way out of a bad day.

The Marriage Arrangement

It should be an interesting day for you. You’re meeting the man you’re arranged to marry. Your family picked him, made the plans and it’s all set. You just have to show up.

Kind of backwards and traditional but you said you would go along with it. Now you’re not so sure why. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

What are some things you most hope this intended husband has? Knowing there aren’t other options at this point what really is important in someone you’re going to be spending your life with?

When Dust Bunnies Attack Your Computer!

It’s a regular kind of morning, you’ve made your coffee and you sit in front of the computer. You’ll probably check email first or just check email before you get ready for work. But, when you turn it on… you get a massive disk error and the only sounds in the room are your own bated breaths and the ominous clicking coming from inside your computer tower/ case.

Are you prepared? Do you have your important and essential stuff backed up? Or will you now lose family photos, information you saved about everything under the sun and all your bookmarks too?

It can happen to you! It happened to me this weekend. I got lucky and it finally did start up again. After I tipped it over to look for the serial numbers when I gave it another try it worked. I think the little needle which operates my hard drive must have been pushed off it’s setting by one of the dust bunnies hiding in my computer tower. I should open it up and clean it but I’m delaying touching it at all now. I dare not even look at it the wrong way until I have the last of all my photos cleared out of there and burned onto a fresh DVD.

Heed this warning – back up your computer files today! Don’t let the dust bunnies mess you up!