Barking Mad

Cousin Alicia was never the brightest light in the room. Now she has become hypnotized and will bark (quite loudly) whenever anyone says the word cat in her hearing. It’s kind of amusing for awhile. But not so much when the family gets together at Cousin Barbara’s house, Barbara being the cat lady. You’ve never seen a room full of cats become vacant so fast.

Still, you are in the will for Cousin Alicia so you feel you should do something to help her? After several trials and errors you manage to hypnotize her again. Only you can’t undo the barking command. Instead you can substitute another word. What word will you give her to bark at instead? Something she isn’t likely to hear (and bark to) or something that will be funnier than “cat”? Or both?

Unsnatching the Body

You have a body to dispose of. It’s not a pet and it’s not a person you knew very well. Also, you are not the murderer, though it was not an accident. The job of hiding or just getting rid of it was tossed at your feet, literally. What can you do to get rid of a body so that it is never found? After all, your fingerprints are on it now and likely some part of your DNA will be there so simple to not even notice a stray hair or something like that.

Bare Your Feet

We write about how things feel to our touch but it is usually our hands we use to touch. Think about how a variety of things feel if you touch (or walk on them) with your bare feet. A sandy beach, a pebbly beach,  snow, your driveway, the thick plush rug, the fur of an animal… What things have you felt with your feet and how does feeling them with feet give a different impression from your hands? You can feel more with your fingers as they can move and grip easily, yet the feet have a different point of view as they are not your first choice.