20 Years Late (From a Friend’s FaceBook).

Hey mom I know that it’s late, hope I didn’t wake you
Yeah, everything is O.K., just needed to talk to you
Today I had one of those days
But I didn’t call to complain
Just to say everything that I didn’t for all of those years
You were a taxicab driver, a nurse and a maid
A waitress, a cook and a shoulder to lay
My head on to cry on, when nothing was going my way
You knew every answer without cracking a book
And I took for granted that I had it so good
And I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to say
Thank you I love you
Twenty years late

It’s funny how time passing by can change your perspective
A little while out on your own can sure make you think
I don’t know how you did it
No I can’t find one spare minute
The days run together but I don’t remember you
Ever letting us down

You were the judge and the jury when I did wrong
Been my biggest fan from my very first song
The gas in the engine that always kept me moving on
A seamstress a counselor and the one referee
That could cold stop a fight between my brothers and me
And I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to say
Thank you I love you
Twenty years late

I’ll let you go now
But I hope that you know now how I feel
Thank you for making me the woman I’ve become
I love you and I will always be your daughter
Mom that’s all I called to say
20 years late…

In twenty years what would you like to tell someone that you can’t say now? Why does time sometimes make it easier?

Challenging the Survivorman

Les Stroud is Survivorman. A Canadian guy who goes into the wild places with a camera, alone and shows how you can build a fire, get shelter and manage to find your way should you be suddenly lost somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I’ve watched the show several times now, it is addicting. Not so much for the risky adventure but the information and ideas and the reality of him actually doing what he says and sometimes not making it look quite so easy.

Write about your survival situtation for Les to take on next. What do you think would be a real challenge for him? Be creative. Don’t limit yourself to the standard harsh wilderness, think about what you know right in your own backyard.

Tell the World Who you Are

Well behaved women rarely make history.

I know we are intended to think of the above as a reason to take risks, challenge ourselves and look outside our comfort zones. But, behaving badly can also mean acting like a slut, being mean and nasty and other sorts of negative things. Yet, some of those negative things can get you into the history books too. I guess the quote is really about pulling out all the stops and going for it.

But that backfires on women. There is still a double standard.

Still, we should not keep our head in the sand, live in our tidy constructions and feel safe. There is a real thrill with taking a risk, trying a wild ride and doing something you really want to do but had to let go of your fear just to try.

We are all afraid of something, of how others will see us and of what we might lose in the process. But, wouldn’t it be worse if you never dared at all? Don’t just jump in with both feet but don’t let that keep you from jumping at all.

Jump on something this week. Something you don’t think you dare to do cause it’s just not something others would think you should do. Don’t let them dictate to you too far.

“The world will tell you who you are, until you tell the world.”

Wife of a Minor Character in an Action Movie

Write the story for the woman who was the wife of the captain of the boat which sank in a movie. The captain was a minor character, died pretty much right away after the boat sank. Who is she? Are there kids? Does she live in some third world country and want to move back home again? Does she still have family or in-law family? There’s a whole story in a behind the scenes character. Sometimes I think about that when they kill off minor characters in those action type movies.

Top Five Blog Tips

Yes, you can be happy with a blog which doesn’t have all of these but we are all just a bit greedy for a little fame. Here is what you can do.

1. Content.

Content is still king. It is what you have to offer. Have something to say. Say it in a way that is readable. Have a look at how news stories are written with the point of the story first and clearly stated right away. Afterwards come the facts, the spin off points. By the end of the story the information has trickled down to minor details which could be cut off should the news editor not want to give the space for them.

2. Layout.

There is a lot included in layout: navigation, colour, white space, avoiding clutter, etc. A blog needs to be easy to read, easy on the eyes. Having a dramatic or exotic (technologically) layout/ template does not always work out well. Your layout should showcase your content, present it all to be read, found and enjoyed. My favourite layouts are simple, clear and don’t include much colour or scripts. Not that I do that on my personal blog. I love colour and trying things my own way and that is my place to experiment.

3. Links.

Some blogs have no or very few links. Links are how we share and discuss new things, they matter! Isn’t it great to wander into a blog and find some great new thing, a blogging group, an interesting new kind of art/ craft, even another clever blog widget/ gadget. The best part of blogging is the adventure of the discovery of new things and ideas.

4. About.

It’s not just who you are or what your blog is about. Write it as a guide for yourself, to keep you focused on what you plan to do. Include a whole FAQ if you get ambitious.

5. Promotion.

Promoting your blog is not just a marketing scheme using SEO tactics, joining pyramid linkback schemes and piling on keywords. Commenting on other blogs (and giving feedback to the comments on your blogs) is better and gives you the chance to shine, show off your writing, and who you are to the blogger of your choice. Don’t pick a blog to comment on based on phoniness and traffic. If you want real, sincere readers show yourself to be the same.

With each comment you leave your link on another blog. Write something relevant, interesting or an opinion or experience you have had. If you lure someone to your blog from your comment on another blog, you’ve just successfully promoted your blog. Comments take time but so does any kind of blog promotion. However, you can choose which kind of promotion speaks for you.

Moving Along…

I’m going to change templates again. Not huge news as I seem to change often enough. I’ve been looking at so many templates while trying to come up with just what I need for Word Grrls. There is almost nothing out there for blogs using b2evolution. But there are tons for Blogger, I just find more and more all the time. So of course I began to see others I’d like. More things and ideas to grab up greedily.

Still not getting far with WordGrrls but it will take actually cracking open my CSS code book and I’m still not feeling bright enough to do that. Glad to be not as sick and if I can get a day out when I’m not babysitting I would like to do something, fun for me. Fun for me cause what I think is fun others would say is boring. Silly them, what do they know.

I’d like to find a web programming book to sit on my shelf and admire. I’m looking at taking a web admin type of course though so I may be dusting off all those books soon. That would be a good thing. 🙂 Georgian College has the courses I’d like but I don’t want to take a whole two year program during the days of winter. It is available in night courses, just each course by itself. That would take a lot longer but would let me take just the courses that would actually be useful.

Update: It’s coming along. I’ve got the widgets back on and have drawn and uploaded a new header. I’m thinking to keep that cold looking colour cause it’s very wintery looking, for the season. A new background is in the works. I have not decided if it will be a photo of something (now that I’m over the plague I can get out for snow photos!) or if I will draw snowflakes. Likely I will do both and see which I like better.

Lost in Commentary

One more thing to look at when you pick a new template for your blog… can you tell which comments go with which post?

I’ve been finding it hard to tell. I tend to read more than the top post in a blog. So when I am somewhere down the middle and looking to leave a comment on a post I have just read, I find it hard to tell which comment link goes with the post I want to comment on.

Just one more little thing to consider.