All for Nothing

I’m watching a movie which must be Canadian. Not saying that in a bad way. There is something kind of charmingly simple and silly about Canadian movies. The movie is called The Wrong Guy with Dave Foley. The plot is that about a guy who gets into a situation way over his head when he thinks the police are after him for murdering his boss. The police know he didn’t do it, there was a surveillance camera so they saw the whole thing. Anyway, this poor guy is on the run and doing all he can to avoid being caught. But, no one is chasing him. Added irony, he is wearing a blood stained suit and no one really seems to bother about it. He just doesn’t look dangerous enough.

What would you do if you spent a week on the run from the police for something you didn’t do then found out it

Guilty of Comment Moderation

What’s your take on moderating comments on your blog?

Do you feel obligated to post every comment, a free speech thing. Would you post a comment which is antagonizing, spammy or really sloppy and be okay with that?

Decide where you stand on moderating your blog (or other kind of forum) early on and stick to it. Don’t feel you are crushing someone’s right to free speech if you choose to moderate comments. It is your forum. It’s up to you to keep the atmosphere right for the kind of communication you want.

Post a FAQ in the sidebar of your site and let readers know your stand on comment moderation if you feel that would be fair. Or, assume people should know how to behave by now and moderate as you see fit, without guilt.

Traffic Through Blog Commenting

The best way to build blog traffic is not through link exchanges or begging and demanding other bloggers become your instant friends and link back to you.

Instead be sincere, take some time and post comments to the blogs you like to read. Choose blogs based on how readable they are, not just on things like PageRank and Technorati ratings. Don’t make the mistake of judging a blog by social site rankings. It is phony and if you put out phoniness you won’t get back the genuine readership you are looking for.

It takes time to make real comments but they don’t have to be thunderously long. If you do have a story to share go ahead and type it in. More is better. But, if you just want to leave a stray thought in passing that is ok. The key is to come up with something that has some meaning. Something more than “me too”. It isn’t a huge stretch to type “I’ve felt that way, hope you have a better day tomorrow” instead. Pick your words to suit the post, of course.

Don’t forget spelling, punctuation and grammar. Perfection isn’t necessary but aim high. Sloppy looking comments aren’t going to impress anyone.

An extra plus from leaving a comment is that you get to add your link to the blog too. But an insincere comment or spammy comment can be deleted at the discretion of the blogger. If that happens don’t complain about it. Read another post and leave another comment. Try again.

Haunted Gingerbread House

You get the job of building a haunted gingerbread house for a contest in a foodie magazine. It has to be at least three stories high and about the width of the table you build it on. So you make the design, first on paper and then gradually and with much careful, detailed work, you build the gingerbread house. It turns out really well. The judges are in awe and you’re sure you will at least make it to be one of the finalists.

So you leave it overnight, for the final judging in the morning. You come back to make sure it’s all ok and give it any needed touch ups. It’s so early no one else has arrived and outside it is still fully dark.

There’s a weird mist over your gingerbread creation. It hovers over the whole thing until you take a step closer. Then it seems to get sucked inside the house, through the gaps you left as a front door and windows. Surely it can’t be… your haunted gingerbread house is really haunted. What kind of ghost haunts a gingerbread house?

Explaining You Aren’t Really a God

Your island is sinking into the ocean. All around are hungry looking sharks and dolphins, yet dolphins get hungry too and there is only so much tuna after all. So it’s not looking too good for your long range survival. You can build a raft and take your chances on the water. But, be honest, how much clout is one flimsy raft going to have against those dolphins and sharks.

Instead you build a helicopter and just lift off and away. It’s too bad that the air currents begin to break apart your helicopter before you get all that far. Luckily you spy another island and manage to land there.

The natives, seeing you land from the sky, believe you are some sort of god. They begin preparations to cook you so everyone can get a bite of god and live forever. How do you explain you aren’t really any kind of god after all?

Red Poppy in Rememberance

In Canada it’s Remembrance Day today. Draw a poppy as a memorial. It doesn’t have to be good, it’s just a tribute to real people after all, not intended to be perfect. If you have a red crayon, pencil or pen fill in the colour too. Now you have your own personal poppy you can pin to your jacket today instead of those factory issue flowers everyone else is wearing. Kind of nice isn’t it?

Check Out Your Grass

Think about the life you live in your daydreams, the life of someone who has the things you crave. But, write about their envy, not your own. Why do they envy someone else and what do they wish they have that they do not have?

Everyone is looking at the grass on the other side. Right now, there is someone looking at your grass, thinking it looks pretty good from where they are.

Be Kind; Clean Your Mouse

Be kind to your mouse. Give it a cleaning today. If you have a ball inside open the mouse and scrape off the dust and grit. Use something to pick grit out of the grooves and crevices. Make your mouse look like new again.

Use some hand sanitizer to get germs that lurk unseen too. I keep hand sanitizer on my desk and use it now and then, even though I’m usually the only one using my mouse. I do go out however, you never know what you could have picked up from door handles, counters and such. Be kind; clean your mouse.