Sheer Evil Maliciousness

You’re the ghost of a really grumpy, nasty old person. For the last 35 years you have lived in an abandoned house in small town. Only the children know you are there cause you delight in scaring them away from your front gate. No one ever comes to the house. No one has dared to even step onto the front porch in the past 21 years.

But now, there is a real estate developer striding up the front path as if he owns the place! With all your wickedness, nastiness and sheer evil maliciousness, how do you get rid of this confident, professional determined to make a profit by having your house torn down and built into condos and a shopping mall?

Writing in the Rain

On the next rainy day get out somewhere and write. What kind of mood does a rainy day bring to your writing? What kind of flavour does it have when the rain is gentle versus a real stormy day with hard rain pelting down?

Would writing with mood setting music work just as well? Try that next time you want to write about someone who is angry, sad, happy…

Something You’re Missing…

There’s something you’re missing. If you could just look over your shoulder fast enough you’d catch it from the corner of your eye. But, you can’t. You’re just not an owl with that degree of head turning. But you know it’s there, that something.

There is something you are missing. It’s on the tip of your tongue, teasing your memory, flirting at the edges of your mind. But you can’t quite grasp it.

That thing you are missing is watching you… standing just out of sight, a bit to the left of you.

Does something mysterious and unknown like that feel creepy or are you just curious to know what it is?

Creamy Lemon Filling

Your day sucks. So many things went wrong that you just lost count sometime before noon. Then the little green alien guy showed up and wanted to take over your work space. He shoved all your stuff off the desk surface and stuck his face inside your computer (literally, I said he was an alien). Somehow, in his alien way, he took over ownership of your computer. It no longer knows you exist and your login is denied.

But, you have one sure fire way to handle the alien invasion. Creamy lemon filling. The little green men are suckers for lemon meringue pie. Once they eat that lemon filling they begin to glow, soon after they turn yellow and swell up. By the end of an hour they are just a gooey mess you can call the janitorial staff to clean up. Seems to be something about the yellow and green just not mixing right. But, whatever it is, the little green men can not resist the lemon filling in a lemon meringue pie.

So, you go out at your lunch hour and bring in a piece of pie. One is enough to take care of 6 little green men. You set the pie out on the top of your desk and in just a half minute, there he is, sniffing it out.

Is it really all that evil to make the little green men explode from creamy lemon filling? Should you find a kinder alternative? Why or why not?

Self Inflicted Argument

“Each book is, in a sense, an argument with myself, and I would write it, whether it is ever published or not.” Patricia Highsmith.

What could you argue about with yourself? Could you write a paragraph, then a page and could you argue enough to turn it into a short story and beyond? What are so you angry about that you could just write forever if you had enough time and space?

This Piano is for You

You walk into a fancy dining lounge, you’re dressed well and you feel (and look) great. You’re seated at a table a short distance from the piano player. He’s dressed in a tuxedo and notices you as you sit down. You’re alone, out for a night by yourself to unwind, recharge your batteries and just take a break from the people in your life. The piano player winks at you and begins to play a new song. What is it? What does he play, just for you?