The Customer Service Survey

After a lovely dinner out at a good restaurant the bill comes and along
with the complimentary mints is a customer service survey. Do you fill
it out? Are you honest about the service and the restaurant or do you
tend to give extra praise just cause tonight was especially good and
you are feeling relaxed, happy and comfortable.

What comment do you leave at the end?

Your Experiences of Love Thus Far

“Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop.” – Anonymous

Have you heard that one before?

Write your own, a quick analysis of love. Think of what you would tell your daughter. Think of what you would tell your son. Why is it different and how can you put that together into a new thought about love and yourself?

Assume you have children if you do not. I don’t either but I can think of what I would say based on my own experiences thus far.

Write a Letter about Yourself

Look back on your year, from the end of last October to the nearing of the end of this October. In some spiritual beliefs this time of the year is about looking back, reflecting on the past and finding fresh inspiration for the future.

Write yourself a short letter. You could even try writing it in long hand if your penmanship hasn’t become too rusty from using the computer keyboard. Write about the past year and what you can look forward to. Put your letter somewhere you will find it next year, for October 2009. Tell yourself about yourself.

Best wishes for the year ahead. 🙂

The Order of Events

Write down at least 10 things that you did today (or 10 things that happened to you today). Make them a short list in the order they happened, chronological order.

Now jumble the order, randomly. How would your day have been different if things had happened in the new random order?

If you change the order of events in fiction could that give your story a whole new plot or at least a plot twist?

Long, Dark, Rusty Secrets

Two friends have a secret. Each has a different secret. Both secrets are unique and something they have kept from each other for years. Neither would ever dream of telling the other her secret.

What are the secrets each friend is keeping? Why do they keep these things secret from each other? How would the world, or their part of it, change if the secrets were not kept?

The Adventure of the Lost and Found Glove

You’ve lost one of the gloves Great Aunt Hettie gave to your for Christmas. She’s going to be pretty upset if you don’t show up wearing both of them. Today is her birthday and you really do want to be there for the party, you’re the one who organized it all.

At the subway station you find the lost and found. Seemed no one you asked actually knew where it was. But, there, is a door off the platform which says “Lost and Found”. It’s a wonder that none of the staff were able to direct you there, such a simple and straight forward place.

Inside the room are bins loaded with hats, gloves, coats, scarves and all sorts of unrelated things which you never would have thought to see in a lost and found. How did the blow up whale get there, how could anyone forget that?!!

While digging into the bottom of the fourth bin, trying to find your glove, you fall in. But, the good news is you can see your glove, right at the bottom, just a bit out of reach. It’s really odd that no matter how far you dig and how deep you seem to be going into the bin, that glove stays just out of your reach. Like a carrot on a string, leading you into adventures unknown.

So, where do you end up? Where does the adventure of the lost and found glove take you?

Movable Type is Discouraging

Moving to Movable Type is getting very discouraging. I set it up quite easily, only a little bump or two along the way. But that was last week. Since then I have had zero success at moving the content from Blogger to Movable Type. Everything I have found about doing this is out of date, by a lot! I am frustrated but not yet giving up. I really would like to use Movable Type again. I do not want to use WordPress, no matter what I will not go back to that.

It is a shame I bought the domain and hosting before I found out what hurdles I’d have to manage. Now I am going to be away most of this week and won’t be able to do anything. Bugging me.