Dr. Unheimlichs Disease Registry


You’re a disease! Joke site.

If you can’t achieve immortality by not dying, you can at least achieve it by dying of something original.

Unheimlich Laboratories offer a full diagnosis and registration service, by which your current (or imminent) ailment can be archived in your name, in perpetuity.

To commence the scan, simply enter your name, press the affected or suspected body part against your monitor in the box to the right, and click “diagnose”. (If in doubt, or if suffering no symptoms, use your tongue.)

Association for Linguistic Typology


New link – http://www.linguistic-typology.org/

Typology linguistics. More word love.

The purpose of the Association for Linguistic Typology (ALT), founded in March 1994 and currently claiming more than 600 members, is to advance the scientific study of typology, that is, of cross-linguistic diversity and the patterns underlying it. To that end ALT seeks

  • to further mutual awareness, dialogue, and co-operation within the international community of typologists;
  • to give typology a higher profile within as well as outside linguistics, and in particular to act as an interest group of typologists in relation to the world of science and science funding.

ALT’s principal public activities are

  • the organization of annual or biennial meetings and occasional regional workshops;
  • the publication of a journal;
  • the regular awarding of a prize for outstanding typological research of prizes for outstanding typological studies and reference grammars.

As an association of linguists whose special professional expertise lies in linguistic diversity, ALT will share in the responsibility for a task of paramount cultural importance — the documentation and maintenance of this diversity that is in danger of being dramatically reduced in the near future.

Sometimes my Brain Amazes Me

Writing isn’t enough, you have to have a mad, passionate affair with words and then be brazen enough to get paid for it.

That is a description I wrote for the WordCraft newsletter. Not something I spent time planning and rethinking and checking and pondering in general. Just spur of the moment. But, aren’t those flashes of inspiration the best! Bryan Adams once said all his best songs were written in a few minutes. The ones he sweated over and took ages to perfect didn’t become big hits. It’s so true!

PS- I love you Bryan! Vicariously and from a distance but you get the idea… 😉