Podlove Podcast Publisher for WordPress

The popular blogging platform WordPress has proven to be also rather popular with podcasters. However, the system itself is not particularly made for podcasting and while some things are easy, other things are rather complicated and error-prone.

Therefore a variety of plugins want to improve on this and want to make life easier for podcasters. But all of them are tying too much into the conventions and workflows of WordPress that are not always doing what a podcaster needs.

The Podlove Podcast Publisher tries to solve the problem from the podcasters’ perspective and implements a variety of features and workflows that have been rather difficult to achieve with WordPress until now. The plugin makes the process easier by settling on a few common conventions to make publishing and maintaining podcast feeds a snap and highly reliable.

via –Podlove Podcast Publisher | Podlove.

Every time I think about doing a podcast I remember two things… how much I don’t like the sound of my own voice and how seldom I have time without interruption during at least half the year.

But, I’d still like to do a podcast. Your own online radio show, whether anyone listens or not. I’m quite good at pretending people are listening to me. I’m a long-time blogger after all.

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