Positive Rituals to Get Your Writing Started

Do you have trouble getting started writing? I do. I sit down in front of the computer, at my desk and then… I check email, I pop open FaceBook to look at FarmTown, I think about making coffee… suddenly it’s an hour later and I still haven’t even opened my writing file. Some would call that self sabotage.

Good Life Zen has a whole list of ideas for establishing your own positive rituals.

For myself I am going to take a look at what I do to begin writing and stop myself at the point where I go off track. If I make coffee first, then bring it to the desk that gets me started in the pattern of beginning to work. If the first thing I do on the computer is pull up my writing files instead of getting sidetracked I am keeping on track too. If I begin reading over what I had already written I am halfway there to writing new content.

Read the whole post from Good Life Zen. There are good ideas there beyond establishing a routine. For me that is the main point but others interlink with it and trying to change your habits is not easy, the more support you can find and build up for yourself, the more likely you are to succeed.

2 thoughts on “Positive Rituals to Get Your Writing Started

  1. I only have a problem getting started if the scene or chapter hasn’t fully congealed in my mind. (a sign that I shouldn’t be writing it yet anyway)

    When the bug bites, there are things I like to do (get the hot coffee, the proper files, etc.), but none of it has a prayer of stopping me from getting that writing done.

    THANKS for the Good Zen Life post. It hit me in a way that I had to blog about. 🙂

    And keep up the good work. This is one of my favorite blogsites ever.

  2. This happens to the best of writers and the most creative people. I keep an arsenal at hand to help combat writer’s block – inspiring books, music, and a whole bunch of creativity tools, plus my own notes. I’m not always sure if it’s really writer’s block or the temptation of all those distractions (email, Facebook, etc.) but it sure takes drive and determination to stick with it!

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