Posting Daily is not Easy

I’ve set a goal for myself to get back to daily posting. It’s a lofty goal but, I did it for years. I know what I’m setting myself up for. I know how good it is to have a daily posting schedule too. I’m not the most disciplined person, by far. I am on intimate terms with procrastination and distraction. But, daily posting was nice. Not easy, but nice. It felt good. So, that’s the plan. I’ll say I’m starting today and not telling anyone but you.

Can you keep a secret-

2 thoughts on “Posting Daily is not Easy

  1. I tried the posting every day thing and I discovered that I have way too many other things that need my daily attention than my blog. Once a week seems to be the perfect schedule for me. 🙂

    • I did like posting every day because it gave me some structure. If I post less often I will let it slide until the last minute and not have any plan ahead. But, if I’m posting each day then I push myself to plan ahead.

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