Quit Assuming you Know Me

I’m mistaken for a flirt when I’m friendly. I’m mistaken for a bitch when I’m blunt. I’m mistaken for sad when I’m alone. I’m mistaken for shy when I’m quiet. Quit assuming and get to know me.

I read this on a Facebook profile, one of my nephew’s friends, a high school girl. I think every woman has experienced feeling at least one of these, if not all of them. Write your own list along the same lines.

Here’s mine:

I’m mistaken for depressed when I’m just enjoying my own company. I’m mistaken for being too sensitive when I get angry, I’m mistaken for being wise when I’m just using common sense. I’m mistaken for being open when I’m just being friendly. Quit assuming you know me.

2 thoughts on “Quit Assuming you Know Me

  1. I’m mistaken for being insincere when I’m simply setting loose, at long last, my eccentricities out of the safety deposit box where they’ve been too long locked. I’m mistaken for being far away in thought when I’m simply pretending not to notice my undergrads trying to make eye contact with me while I’m slogging away on the eliptical machine at they gym. I don’t so much mind the latter mistake.

  2. Many of the things already written can relate directly to yours truly.

    Here’s my contribution…

    I’m mistaken for being disinterested when I’m just listening
    I’m mistaken for being cold when I don’t provide an animated reaction
    I’m mistaken for being too intense when I’m trying my hardest to just do a good job for everyone

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