Do you Remember NeoPets?

I was reading online and came across a post about NeoPets. It was an old post so I’m not linking to it. But, I remember NeoPets. I used to play it with my nephew when he was a little boy.  I had to go back and take a look. I wondered if it would still be an active site, it is.

I found my account – remembered what my user name had been and then reset the password. I’d long forgotten what my pets looked like, or how the site worked. But, I poked around, found where I had stashed my inventory (not in the actual inventory). I had a lot of neopoints to spend in my bank. I spent some on books for my pets to read, food for them too so they aren’t listed as dying. But, the books seemed more important and more interesting for me.

Not a lot has changed on the site in the years since Nickelodeon bought it. A shame because there was always masses of new stuff before when the English people ran it. Anyway, still a fun site and still kid friendly.

Here are my NeoPets: Bewildery and Merrizilla.



Guides for NeoPet Players:

The Daily NeoPets

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