Right On – Respect the Blog

I think everyone out there who blogs with passion and with creativity and with skill should speak up and declare themselves a Writer with a capital W. I think it’s time that all bloggers, especially daddy and mommy bloggers (no, I don’t resent that term – I embrace it) should demand the respect that their traffic, their influence and their talent commands.

1 thought on “Right On – Respect the Blog

  1. I just read the article. Interesting.

    I must say that in the back of my mind I do think that some things I do will make for good blogging material as I’m doing them. But I don’t see anything wrong with that. I see my blog as my online diary that I’m sharing with the world. When I take pix that will be posted, I make sure everyone involved is okay with that … if they aren’t, I don’t do it.

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