Short, Clever and all Too Very True

In the first two years of our children’s lives we teach them how to walk and talk. For the next 16 years we tell them to “Sit down and shut up”.

I love irony when it’s clever. This came from an email someone had sent my Mother yesterday. As a writing exercise take some time to come up with your own irony. Something short and clever and all too very true.

4 thoughts on “Short, Clever and all Too Very True

  1. And here I was prepping tomorrow’s post on a similar subject. I hate the notion of “Children should be heard and not seen.” or “Watch, wait, learn and when you are older you can take your place in the world.”

    From “Phineas and Ferb Get Busted”:

    The root of all children’s problems is unacceptable levels of imagination, fun, creativity and unbridled enthusiasm!

    Our goal at this school is to crush the dangerous elements inside you and replace them with structure, order, discipline and conformity.

  2. Actually, Laura, you only tell them to “sit down and shut up” for about eleven years. They turn into teenagers and won’t talk to you at all!

    I know you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving today in your neck of the woods, but I just wanted to wish you a good day & tell you I am thankful that I found you on the internet!

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