Sneaking Out of Your Cubicle

Your whole body is tired. You’re just dragging yourself through the day and then, in the evening, you’re expected to attend an event for work, with all your co-workers. Missing it is not an option, if you want a job to go back to on Monday morning.

Coffee and the usual perk you up ideas are not helping. Your car is parked in the lot at work, if you could just sneak down during lunch and disappear for an hour or three in the afternoon… surely you would be ok to finish the day and then get through the evening. How do you sneak out yet make it seem you will be back in your cubicle any time?

2 thoughts on “Sneaking Out of Your Cubicle

  1. Fortunately I have been perfecting a time machine in my spare time, a handheld version which resembles a BlackBerry. So I just program it to take me to a spa for a day, and then return to the dastardly cubicle having taken what looks like a 5 minute lunch break.

  2. Perfectly perfect. 🙂 Especially as you will have almost no spare time once people find out you’ve got a time machine they can try to buy/ rent/ steal. I won’t tell.

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