Spell Chucked

I would say spellcheck is letting me down but I know that’s just fluffing off. I’m letting me down and not checking enough. Relying too easily on your spellcheck program is not doing the best you can do. I will try to do better. Or, find a better spellchecker.

Really, it should just be a backup to your own brain. How do you use spellcheck?

12 thoughts on “Spell Chucked

  1. Am I the first commmenter(or)? – As you can see, I have to use spell check constantly as, although my vocabulary and grammar are there (and creative/colorful0 at times), my spelling is…eh. It is actually half between typos from my fingers hitting the wrong keys and my not having (a gerund!) a clue. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  2. I need to be better at my spell checking also..I wish I had a good editor. No matter how many times I go over my own writing I have a tendency to miss something.


  3. Oops, I submitted the last comment before I had finished typing my blog address. My son is napping and, I kid you not, a woman is practicing OPERA singing across the hall. I got so irate that I accidentally clicked. 🙂

  4. well, i think that we have so much to remember these days that it wouldn’t surprise me if how to spell words took a backseat to the rest of it. spellcheck frees up valuable room in my brain for other facts! 😉

  5. I never run spellcheck programs (I’m an incessant rereader, but I still miss things. We’re all imperfect!). I do, however, love the now fairly commonplace feature of programs automatically underlining misspelled words.

  6. So true, so true. I can’t tell you how many times I have been let down by Spell Checker. The worst was an email to all the tenants in my office building letting know about an out of service restroom.I meant to say sorry for your inconvenience, but spell checker changed my typo to “incontinence” :-{

  7. Hi! Just stopped by from the 31 Day Challenge. Spellcheck is just a backup for me. Usually I find that spelling isn’t the issue – typos are. This is especially true if I’m posting to my blog late at night with mummy-brain! Occasionally I find an error in the morning, and change it quickly hoping none of my readers have been on the blog early…

  8. I use the inbuilt spellchecker in WordPress to do a once through before posting m blog post live. However I do know that some words will/do come up as error due to the difference between British and American spelling and if I am using words that are not commonly found in most dictionaries. If I am really uncertain about the spelling I will check the online dictionary to double check or rephrase the sentence using words which I commonly use.

  9. Nice surprise to have your comments here today. There are Word Boys but it is easier to focus on the grrls at times. I admit I don’t always understand how the male brain works.

  10. I find the same problem with the WordPress spellcheck. I also have one which works through the Firefox web browser. I’m Canadian and our spelling is a bit different from the US too.

  11. Spell Check has made me dumb. I cannot write a post without using it and I’ve gone and screwed up my spell check by adding misspelled words to the check. I know how to fix that but haven’t had the chance to do it lately.

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