Stop Expecting Family Support

It is my brother’s birthday today. Family have been on my mind lately (even more than usual). I don’t get support for my writing work from family and though I try not to let that bother me it does make things difficult. I’d like to not be so easily interrupted. I’d like to not be told writing is worthless unless it actually makes money every day. Lots of other things and attitude I get from them. My nephew likes to write so he is also heading down this same road and I feel bad for him. I’d like him to have a happier life. Not that I am miserable but, life would be easier if I were taking an easier road.

I read a point in a post by Holly Schindler on Writers Digest (Twitter) today:

5. Not everyone is going to understand why you chose writing. Even some of your best friends are going to look at you like you’ve absolutely lost it once you begin writing and submitting, chasing that often elusive first book deal. As time goes on, that look explodes. While it can be hard to shoulder, just remember that the author of every book in your local library got that look at one time or another, in their own pre-published days.

I think we all have to give up on expecting or hoping for family and friends to be supportive or understanding. They just have to be who they are and do as they think right. Just as we try to keep doing ourselves, even if that means we keep on being silly writers (in their point of view).

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